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What to Sell Door to Door to Make Money

The question that comes to mind when working in the sales industry is what should we do and what products should we sell in door to door sales in order to make money? Today, I am going to get into the detail of what product you should look into selling. I personally support door to door sales for home security, pest control, natural gas and electricity which is soon to be solar. What you need to keep in mind is that if you want to sell a product you need to ask yourself is it of value in door to door sales. You see, door to door sales is not easy. You need to understand the structure of the profession and the amount of commitment you have to put forth when entering the industry. Of course, I have mentioned in previous posts that it is not easy, however, with patience …

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Door to Door Sales Opener Pitch

The opener pitch! That’s right, I said it! The opener pitch! For those of you who are just getting started, for those of you who have already started, and for those of you who have been in the industry for quite some time, I am here to tell you that your opener pitch is the most important part of your sales presentation. Now, many of you have heard that the closing of your sale goes hand in hand with your opener pitch. However, if you are not creating spark or interest in the opener pitch, then you may never get to the closing pitch, let alone your features and benefits. You must gain the customer’s interest towards you! That’s right! They must be interested in you as a salesperson and in what you represent. Now some of you might be thinking why would they have to be interested in me?! …

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Learn How to Increase Engagement with Potential Customers

We are going to tap into another sales tip! I recently had two coaching calls and noticed some similarities that you and the majority of you in door to door sales may come across. Now, most of you may be thinking that there are several experiences that can be relatable but the question to ponder is how do you handle those experiences? I want to ask you this, what do you expect when selling a new product or service? Are you afraid of what the response will be towards your product or service from your potential customer? Do you find that you become a different person at the door because of the fear of what might come about after approaching and speaking to your potential customer? You see, there are specific steps and a process that you have to follow to acquire more sales and to get the desired response. …

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Understanding How to Increase Sales

Our main objective today is to address how to increase your sales when selling door to door. I will tell you that I will buy from an individual if they are trustworthy and have a good sense of humor. These to me are just some of the few characteristics one should have when entering the door to door sales profession. Another important characteristic to have when selling door to door is to be able to handle rejections. Many people in this profession tend to beat themselves up when they do not get the sale or the outcome they desired with a potential customer. This could lead to one’s downfall if not corrected. I am here to let you know that when I began in the industry of door to door sales, I was rejected many times. This is common when you are new to the profession and I am sure …

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Sales Tips and Tricks to Help Every Door to Door Sales Person Master the Art

Do you love sales? Do you want to master the art of door to door sales? I am here to give you the tips and tricks of how to do just that! Enthusiasm is an important part of sales, as well as being at the right place at the right time. You need to be liked and people should be drawn to trust you and trust in what you are representing! This is just the beginning so remember to always keep the notion in mind that a trustworthy individual is a liked individual. So many of you are out there stuck at a dead-end job and want to become successful, however, you do not take that risk. The people who are the most successful are the ones that take risks! Now, when you take that risk, keep in mind you have to do it responsibly. You should have a cushion …

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