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“Not Interested,” How to Overcome This Door to Door Sales Approach

Year after year I moved up to making $314, 000 in a year! This is a lot of money and you can earn that much as well. However, there is a process in door to door sales that you must follow in order to get that kind of income. You will notice that some succeed and reach this rank and others just quit before they can get there. They blame themselves. They self sabotage themselves because they had a few encounters that were negative at the beginning. I always tell people when training to expect to get a ton of rejection at the beginning. And I don’t mean the first week, I mean the first month or two. When you begin to learn how to properly communicate your message and deliver it, you will begin to climb up within the door to door sales industry. A huge percentage is how …

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Introduction to Selling Door to Door

Do you want a change of lifestyle? Well, if you do keep on reading! You need to do the right things in order to be the best at what it is you are doing. Quite frankly, you can be the best at door to door sales or whatever you put your mind too. And I am going to unlock a secret on how I achieved that. I have climbed from the bottom all the way to the top in door to door sales. I did so by putting the time and effort into learning the process of the profession. As I was going through the process, I noticed that I loved teaching. You see when I got started, I was eager to master the art of door to door sales and I wanted to master it because there were many young competitors in the field. I had to get to …

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How to Outsell Everyone Door to Door

You are on your way to mastering the art of door to door sales! Yes, I said it, you will soon have mastered the art and will be able to mentor others or pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities just as I have. Part of mastering the art is choosing to live a lifestyle where you are free of debt and where you are fully aware of your responsibilities at home and at work. Being successful at home means you will be successful in your career. Make sure you provide for your family, take care of your physical state and have money set aside for those rainy days. Door knocking is all about having fun and making a lot of money during the process. There is a certain amount of time where you will eventually burn yourself out. However, this could happen years from now. Sometimes you will hear from individuals that …

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Door to Door Sales Motivation

Motivation! That’s right I said it! Door to door sales MOTIVATION! I am constantly trying to find new ways to motivate myself and I am always trying to find ways to pump you all up and get you excited to get out there and close those deals. You see, I love the entire profession surrounding door to door sales because you make a ton of money instantly, you are physically moving and are faced with challenges and you get to promote a company’s product that you love. Think of all the benefits of selling door to door. Think of all of the challenges and how selling door to door could mold you to become an unbreakable person! With persistence and experience, you become confident, a great communicator and you become aware of the different cultures which are vastly growing and surrounding our communities. Of course, I mentioned that money was …

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Help Selling Door to Door

Who said door knocking was easy? Have you been sinking and in need of a life jacket? Well, most of us have at one point or another felt that way on turf. You know that sinking feeling every time we get rejected from a customer. There are many sales to be made in door knocking and the individuals who can stay calm and not stress themselves out over the job have a better chance of not sinking. Door to door sales is a long-term commitment and the majority of the time it allows you to become financially free. You attain the funds to be able to grow your bank account and pay for living expenses. Living frugally at the beginning until you could put a minimum of ten thousand dollars aside as a cushion is important in the profession of door to door sales. I want to discuss tapping into …

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