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It’s Monday ! Weekly goals

Hey all its Monday and as I write this I think of you waking up getting ready for work and closing that first sale. How difficult will it be to find that first sale today? Drop any limiting beliefs you may have. Focus on engagement. When you learn how to just communicate with people at the doors, your going to increase your sales. Remember your goal this week is to find people who can benefit from what your selling. The old days of forcing people into a sale are done. tThank God ! People now have turned to “if you sound pushy, or salesy then get away” Inform them that your promoting your product and would love to show them your offer without being a pest. Honestly now. Tell them your taking a course online from me teaching them how to better engage. Yes it’s that crazy but it works. …

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Do you make pour financial decisions ?

This is a high priority fix we need to work on that is detrimental to your door knocking health. Sounds crazy but in my experience it is very true. The more you do something the better you get. If you make money selling door to door and throw it all away, what happens is you feel like your working with no end in site. Picture a hamster in a wheel. When I get asked “Paul how do I increase my sales” I simply respond it’s more than just one thing. Where people go wrong is in their thinking of what needs to be done to really master door to door sales. If you are doing it to pay off debt or perhaps just make a living then fine. Perhaps you want to generate sustainable income where you don’t need to work for money and eventually have money work for you. …

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Top Reasons Your Not Closing As Many Sales As You Want

It Just Takes Time Everyone learns at a different pace. Some people “get it” right away, while others it takes a little more time. For me i am a hands on learner. I get frustrated when i want something so bad, but i am not getting the result. I know first hand that i keep making the same mistakes over and over again until i finally get sick to my stomach of my old ways and just try something new. I’m very competitive and strict. My sales force always knows that i will be tough on them because upon hire i explain to them, i only build teams that want to be the best. Being The Best Not all of you want to be the best. Many would like to but are not willing to put the time, energy and money into educating themselves on being the best. I would …

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How prepared are you ? If you only knew

If you knew today you were going to find a hundred dollar bill on the floor of a mall, would you walk the mall ? I know I would. There is something about human behavior and reacting to what is known from the unknown. Every day you go out to sell you have to be prepared. Pulling yourself out of bed 10min before you are supposed to head out is a simple way to setup a day of failure. How excited are you to get out and work on closing your first sale ? What does getting one really mean to you ? For me getting a sale is like breathing again after a week long cold with congested lungs. Have you ever been so sick that it’s hard to breath because your just contested. When you get back to feeling better again and heal, you feel amazing. This is …

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D2D Sales

Sales is sales right ? Not always. In this post I want to specifically talk about the difference between d2d sales and other types. In case your wondering what d2d is, simply put its door to door. Does this mean pysical doors? Residential? Commercial? Door to door sales is a method of cold calling. Right now, if you own your own business the number one thing you need is customers. If your a d2d sales person for a company, your objective is to go out into the field and close a sale. Contracts and sales are what drive business profits. The art of d2d sales helps increase profits for two major reasons. 1. Little to no overhead to generate a sale 2. Instant results from the direct marketing nature If your business lacks sales, going residential door to door is a sure way to tell customers what you have to …

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