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“Not Interested,” How to Overcome This Door to Door Sales Approach

Year after year I moved up to making $314, 000 in a year! This is a lot of money and you can earn that much as well. However, there is a process in door to door sales that you must follow in order to get that kind of income. You will notice that some succeed and reach this rank and others just quit before they can get there. They blame themselves. They self sabotage themselves because they had a few encounters that were negative at the beginning.

I always tell people when training to expect to get a ton of rejection at the beginning. And I don’t mean the first week, I mean the first month or two. When you begin to learn how to properly communicate your message and deliver it, you will begin to climb up within the door to door sales industry. A huge percentage is how you present yourself and not what you say. I am never scripted and I understand that when you are usually new to the profession, you usually follow a script to help you out. It is ok to begin that way, it is not good but it is ok. The benefit to beginning that way is that you get rid of those skeletons that are hidden within you. So, how do you overcome the “not interested” in your opener pitch? This is a common question that is inquired about quite often. To begin, we have to ask ourselves why certain people get “not interested” from the beginning and other people do not? If I know and understand why a customer is “not interested” then I can find a solution to be able to overcome that rejection. As a result, I will be able to, you will be able to close more sales.

The way you get stronger as a salesperson is by putting your foot down and telling yourself you are the best out there. Speaking with confidence to your customers and being confident in your product will make you stronger and more respected at the doors. So, when you begin a new job have that attitude, build yourself towards that, make building your self-confidence one of your goals if you have not reached that level! If you do not take this into account then it can be the reason why you are rejected at the doors. You need to understand why you are getting “not interested.” As you gain more confidence and sound less scripted the “not interested” becomes “interested.

I am a day trader and invest in stocks and there is something in the back of mind that always tells me everything happens for a reason. If people are doing better then you in door to door sales then there is a reason why they are at a higher level and you are not. You need to learn what they are doing to get the same results and the results you desire. When I started in the business in door to door I did not do well! There were people in the company who were doing phenomenal and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to know what it was they were doing differently. I was fourth and fifth in that office and that just killed me. I wanted to be on top and after that fourth month of making those necessary changes, I stayed on top in that company. The point I want to make here is that you should always aim high, you need to set yourself to a higher standard because you are that good. You can be that good and you deserve to be at the highest ranking and the best at whatever it is you are doing. Door to door sales opens doors for you and if you can succeed in it, you have just opened a range of opportunities for yourself.

You need to ask yourself if you do everything in your power to get those sales, to be number one. This profession is serious and if you take it seriously, you will succeed. I shadowed the top sales individuals and, on that day, I had discovered their pitch was one eighteenth the amount of time, length and energy that I was using with my opener pitch. There is something called overburn where you can actually talk too much. This was what was happening to me. I was burning myself out and talking too much. So, you need to learn what others are doing and implement it in your own way to close that sale.

How do you deal with customers telling you they are “not interested” and who do not want to talk to you? Many people struggle with answering this question! I want to ask you how many times have you gone to the mall and judged people with ripped jeans or the kind of clothing they wear? You need to ask yourself, how are you presenting yourself when you knock on the door when you get out on turf? How do you talk and what are the things you are actually saying? These are some of the things you need to think about when you get on turf. Customers telling you that they don’t want to talk to you off the bat is most likely because of how you are presenting yourself. Your confidence again impacts the overall results on whether or not you are going to close that deal. Ask yourself right now, on a level of one to ten where are you with your confidence? One being the least, ten being the most. These are all important details that need to be taken into account if you want to close those deals!

Now, you can be following along my blogs and the resources I provide, however, you need to listen and read the information over and over again in order to see some changes. You may not be picking up the information the first time around. It is important to reflect on your experiences and to review the process of door to door sales. I believe in every single one of you! I believe that you can make those changes to succeed. Ask yourself what kind of personality do you have! Will people actually listen to you based on how you represent yourself? I am here to tell you that if you cannot handle a few negative scenarios and give up immediately, then you will have lost the opportunity to find out just how good you really are and can be.

That being said, door to door sales is awesome because you can get the job done right there on the spot. Keep on following along and don’t forget to knock with passion! Until next time.

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