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Door to Door Sales Motivation

Motivation! That’s right I said it! Door to door sales MOTIVATION! I am constantly trying to find new ways to motivate myself and I am always trying to find ways to pump you all up and get you excited to get out there and close those deals. You see, I love the entire profession surrounding door to door sales because you make a ton of money instantly, you are physically moving and are faced with challenges and you get to promote a company’s product that you love. Think of all the benefits of selling door to door. Think of all of the challenges and how selling door to door could mold you to become an unbreakable person! With persistence and experience, you become confident, a great communicator and you become aware of the different cultures which are vastly growing and surrounding our communities.

Of course, I mentioned that money was one of the key factors to get anyone excited in door to door sales. However, you must keep in mind that the money you make in door to door sales is only good to you if you spend it appropriately. What do I mean by appropriately? Well, on nutritious meals to get you to that next route on turf and to give you the energy to work a full day’s shift. To pay for necessities and so forth. I am not saying you cannot splurge here and there but you must have that cushion underneath you. A top seller always has a few thousand sets aside in case of a rainy day.

Now let’s get back to excitement! What excites you to go out there and close more deals? What do you do to prepare yourself before you head out on the turf and knock on those doors? I want to let you know that today is your day! You are going to go out there and get excited because this is the day that you will be able to close those deals! Pump yourself up, get excited and get out there. Time is ticking! Nine, ten and eleven o’clock are coming! It is just around the corner. Remember you can close a sale during the power hour. The hour in which your chances of getting a sale are that much greater. For instance, one day I had closed nine sales. That’s right nine sales! At around four and five o’clock, I was able to close four more sales within that day and that’s what brought me up to nine sales on that day.

Many of you must be wondering how I generated all of those sales? Well, I fought through the most challenging and difficult times. This experience had helped me get to where I wanted to be. If you implement what I teach in one month, you will see an improvement and will be on your way of selling more door to door. You need to take a breather, relax, excite yourself and then commit yourself to go out on a full day’s shift knocking on doors. Even if you are in the learning process you still can find resources and tools to help you with the step by step process of door knocking. I want you to close more sales selling door to door! You have to excite yourself mentally! Hyping yourself up will get you the sale! Ninety percent of the sale is how you present yourself, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Think about it! How does your product benefit the customer? How does your company benefit your customers? Ask yourself, do I love the product? I mean, if you do not love the product yourself and if you do not think that it is beneficial then how will your potential customers find it beneficial and be satisfied with what you have to offer? You must know your product, your service and the company you work for. You must be professional and have the appropriate permits and licenses and you must be able to respond and understand the customer’s mentality before they come to that door. I am here to help you with your opener pitch to closing those deals! So, keep following along and always knock with excitement and passion. Remember door to door sales is just the beginning. The profession can take you to another level and can open doors to other entrepreneurial opportunities.

Get excited today and every day and don’t forget to become part of our community. May God bless you all! Until next time, peace!

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