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How to Outsell Everyone Door to Door

You are on your way to mastering the art of door to door sales! Yes, I said it, you will soon have mastered the art and will be able to mentor others or pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities just as I have. Part of mastering the art is choosing to live a lifestyle where you are free of debt and where you are fully aware of your responsibilities at home and at work. Being successful at home means you will be successful in your career. Make sure you provide for your family, take care of your physical state and have money set aside for those rainy days.

Door knocking is all about having fun and making a lot of money during the process. There is a certain amount of time where you will eventually burn yourself out. However, this could happen years from now. Sometimes you will hear from individuals that people burn out during the summer program. Pay no attention to that! This is said to deter you from signing with another company for a year-long program. I have knocked nine years straight and made a six-figure income over and over while knocking on doors. So, I do not want to hear that you can get burnt out after four months.

On that note, let’s talk about six-figure incomes. Let’s talk about outselling in door to door sales. How do you outsell everyone in the door to door sales profession? How do you become that top salesperson? How do you become the best salesperson in your office? You can, in fact, climb yourself up to the top, but keep in mind that you can also slip yourself back down. There are certain strategies that the top sales reps are doing that have put them in that ranking. Door to door sales, for the most part, requires a calm personality, having a strong head on your shoulders and being committed to going out there over and over again. You need to consistently go out there to gain the experience so that you can achieve success. The more experience you have in the field the greater the results will be in closing that sale.

The question that arises to many, is, why will people knock on doors from one to three months and then give up? For those of you who surpass that three-month barrier, you will be looking forward to a world of success. You see, within those three months, there are many days that you will be working to gain the experience you need to improve in door to door sales. I have trained individuals who doubted themselves and thought that they would never learn the process, however, they committed to sticking through it! And that is it, you must stick through it! Do not quit. You will learn the process and I promise you that you will see results.

Now, ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of people cannot handle the rejection they get at first. The rejection that comes, in the beginning, is a bell curve if you think about it. What happens is that the longer you knock and go through it, the experience of getting rejected decreases. However, there comes a point when a sales rep convinces themselves that they are burnt out and should not continue with the profession. I am sure you have heard or at one point thought up some of those excuses. What could be happening when people come up with these excuses is that they are just not enthusiastic about the profession anymore, they are depressed and have taken the rejection experience personally. This can happen folks and I am stressing because it has happened to many people, so you are not alone. The solution again is to NOT QUIT! Yes, I repeated myself because this is extremely important. Do not give up before you have a chance to succeed!

What you put into door knocking, the amount of energy you put into it will be reflected by your results. Trust me, I have experience, you need to understand that the more you knock on doors the better your closing ratio becomes. When I broke that barrier of getting comfortable and confident with my pitch and with what I was doing at the doors, I began to notice positive changes. I began to look for those key customers. The signs from customers helped me share my product with them and make that sale. I was able to identify the different types of personalities and was able to interact accordingly with different individuals. I noticed that when I was rejected at one door, I set my mental state to believe that the next door was the door where I would get that sale. You need to believe in yourself! During the day if someone is not home or not interested, you make sure you hustle to that next door. You bring that hype, that energy in your movement. This will increase the chances of getting that sale because you are motivating yourself to get that sale. You might be thinking that you are fairly new to knocking on doors and are not sure of what exactly to say at the beginning. I promise you all, ninety percent of door knocking is how you present yourself. You need to know the product, the features, and benefits.

I know many people struggle with clarity. The mass majority of you struggle with clarifying the fundamentals of door knocking. The step by step process of door knocking, the details. Does this make sense? How is it that one person in your office may get five sales and another person has not gotten any sales? Well, one reason could be that they are new and that could be the reason for the lack of sales. Another reason could be that the person with five leads is extremely motivated and has gained the strategies to get those sales closed. The number one reason someone is having an issue selling is due to the clarity of the pitch and what the product can do or how it can benefit the customer. You must give the customer a reason as to why they should buy from you! If you are struggling with sales in door to door, clarity is the reason.

Those individuals who outperform everyone in the office or industry have a set goal. I think in advance and I am here to teach you that thinking about your future is important. Setting goals are important! Invest in your physical state to be able to get the energy to close those sales. All of these are necessary and play an intricate role in increasing your closing ratio. You need to learn the process of door to door sales. I am going to say it again, learn your opener pitch, your features and benefits and then your closing. I highly recommend you build that trust and honesty with your customer and to make sure you are selling ethically. This too will increase your sales.

Keep on going out there and knocking with passion. Remember that every customer is a potential customer. God bless you all! Until next time.

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