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Introduction to Selling Door to Door

Do you want a change of lifestyle? Well, if you do keep on reading! You need to do the right things in order to be the best at what it is you are doing. Quite frankly, you can be the best at door to door sales or whatever you put your mind too. And I am going to unlock a secret on how I achieved that. I have climbed from the bottom all the way to the top in door to door sales. I did so by putting the time and effort into learning the process of the profession. As I was going through the process, I noticed that I loved teaching. You see when I got started, I was eager to master the art of door to door sales and I wanted to master it because there were many young competitors in the field. I had to get to the top, I wanted to be at the top and I could not stand if I wasn’t the best! Learning the importance of having an opener pitch, knowing my features and benefits and how to bring the presentation to a close was essential for me to master the art of door to door sales.

Now, I want you to ask yourself, what do you want? Do you want to change the position you are in? Do you want to be number one at your company? For those who have been following along in past blogs and know who I am, personally know that I have encountered many obstacles but have overcome them with persistence, a positive personality and with a mindset that was determined to change that obstacle to a door of opportunity. I love door to door sales and I love teaching. I have seen tremendous results from members who are a part of the community, who have invested in the Masterd2d.com program. I am blown away at how many of you have trusted the program and have implemented the information on turf. I have only heard positive feedback which makes me extremely grateful and encourages me to provide you all with more tools and resources to do what you have to do to close those deals.

Moving ahead, I need all of you door knockers to do what you do best, and that is to stick together. Everyone can agree that this is one benefit to being part of a door to door knocking community. You become like family and turn to each other for advice and support. So, take the time to help your team, your co-workers and other door knockers by leaving a comment and asking those important questions needed to close those deals. You cannot really sell a product or make that charge unless you know what it is you are talking about. The same goes for those individuals who are teaching and mentoring you! If they haven’t gotten their feet wet on turf then how are they going to teach you the basic fundamentals of door to door sales.

I feel the emotion that you guys go through when you’re out there! I have been there before as well. The rejection or the anxiety that may arise because of some of the negativity that can deter you, but this is why we have our community, our team to support us through those times. What I did in order to get where I was in door to door sales was built my confidence. Learning how to build your confidence is not something that is easy to accomplish. Confidence is built over time and is strong depending on your personality, your life experiences and many other factors that arise in your personal and professional life. If you are knocking on doors and you notice you got one sale, two sales and then seven sales in a day or in a week, well that affects your confidence. When you have good days in door to door sales you feel like the king or queen in the profession, your confidence skyrockets high and you become motivated to go out there and get more sales.

Doing your homework and knowing what to expect will help you with your confidence! It will help you with those negative scenarios! Here is a fact that I want you to think about, if you have been knocking for three months and are still doing it then you will see great improvement and will be climbing up in the profession. So, stick to it, reach out to us and remember to always knock with passion.

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