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Characteristics Of Top Salespeople

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule? 80% of the sales come from 20% of the sales reps. This means that a small amount of people are able to produce more accounts than a large number of people. How is this so? Are they the chosen ones? Do they have some special magical powers that the others don’t. The great news is, I studied this. Having large sales organizations cold calling selling door to door, I discovered what differentiated a top sales person from the rest. Experience The highest producing sales reps typically are the ones who have been doing it the longest. This isn’t to say that all people who sell for a long period of time, automatically are placed as the top sales person. There are many other factors that contribute to what makes a successful knocker versus producing average numbers. Study a professional athlete. Do you know any …

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Frustration, It’s killing your sales

I get it, you are frustrated as heck that you aren’t where you want to be. I wish I could wave a wand around and just make you start selling. The reality is, it just doesn’t work that way. You have to know that door to door sales requires many things. The first is you have to be willing to dedicate time to both knocking and learning. The only way you are going to get better is if you absolutely want to. When things get tough, how hard are you willing to push through before you absolutely succeed. Most people will not make it as a door knocker because they just didn’t fight hard enough to learn what works for them. Here is where frustration kicks in. Do you kick yourself, beat yourself up and say “WHY ME?” Why can’t I just freaking sell? The reason you tell yourself this …

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How To Tell If Your Customer Is Listening To You

As I write this. I get flashbacks to the thousands of accounts I sold and all the things customers did to try to close the door on me. If your anything like me, your probably frustrated from this. So why are people so against doing business with you and how can we tell. People are not wanting to do business with you because the nature of the scenario. Door knocking is a cold call where you knock on the door and a random stranger is standing at the door. Let’s face it, no one wants to hand over money to a stranger. Knowing this, we have to focus on building the relationship. Most sale people who fail just pitch and keep talking hoping they will get the customer to say ok. Clearly this does not work. This is also not to say that door knocking doesn’t work, or is difficult. …

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Why Some People Sell Well And Others…. Not So Much

You know the saying you’re either born a sales person or your not. Sales is not a magical thing that only a select group of people can do. In this article I’m going to explain why some people sell really well and others….well…. not so much. To say someone is born a sales person is non sense. Sales people are typically charismatic people. We have the ability to become whatever we want, so long as we set our mind to it. Since the moment you opened your eyes and ears as a child, your brain started to associate certain connections and thoughts to what is happening in your habitat. We are all different because we all lived a different life and have associated different things to what has happened around us over time. As a child I recall wanting things and hating it when my parents took things aways from …

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Wake up to a cup of coffee and start getting pumped for sales

It’s pedal to the medal time for my door knocking community. In order to be the best at anything you do in life, you are going to have to get drilled in your head that it’s going to start with your morning ritual. I so happen to have mastered door to door sales selling ethically and am here to bring out all I learned along the way and dump it on you. Most door knockers start because they got a new job, and they need money. Honestly… Does that sound like you? Regardless of your reason as to why you decided to sell, you need to be true and real to yourself. Every darn morning you are going to wake up with some reason as to why life sucks. I don’t care who you are or how much money you have. I can teach you how to sell more systems, …

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