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How To Sell Door To Door

You are not happy with your sales figures, are you? I get it. Perhaps you just got a sales job and it’s door to door. Most people freak out once they hear a sales job is door to door. Why? It’s simple. FEAR! What gets people going door to door to sell products? COURAGE! Ultimately, it takes courage to get out there and off your ass. People fixate their minds on all the negative aspects of selling door to door. If you ask 10 people about what they like and dislike about this, most people will say 10 things they dislike about it in a matter of a minute. On the other hand, they ignore all the benefits door to door sales will bring them. Door to door sales requires COMMITMENT. If you are committed, you will master door to door sales. The Door to Door Mastery Program is all …

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Wanna be consistent in sales? Here’s How.

So you want to be consistent in sales. Often times sales reps go days without getting a sale. Some say they get sales, but cannot get consistent in sales. Why is this ? what is happening? How do we fix this? read this blog post. To touch on the reason for not getting a sale in a week, this is unheard of. Not getting a sale means you suffer from lack of communication skills. A very good friend once told me, communication is the key to getting what you want. If you want to get consistent in sales, your going to have to invest time, resources and money into being the best. Everyone is at a different level however the common denominator is were all attempting to sell products and services to human beings. Is cold calling dead ? Hell NO ! today one of my corporate clients had the largest …

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Is not making money affecting you?

Another tip I will share with you in this blog post will be, how you can close more sales by shifting the way you think. Im sickened by the percentage of people that nod their head and know this to be true but do nothing about it. If you haven’t already herd the saying “The Past DOES NOT = THE FUTURE” im going to have to get you to simply accept it. Think about this. If you have NEVER gotten into a car accident, are you less likely to get into a car accident than someone who has already been in one? one might argue the reasoning like, well im a good driver, or any other simple reasoning that your mind may come up with. You see our brains scan for answers when we are faced with situations that challenge us in our lives. If you are broke now, you …

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How Lipstick & Fake Nails Got Me 10 Sales

It was memorial day,  and I recall the day as if it were yesterday. Denver Colorado. I woke up, went to the gym got a good workout in and felt like a million bucks. The weights seemed lighter, the temperature outside felt perfect. I got to my place and everyone was in a good mood. Everything seemed as if it were just right. I opened the fridge made myself a healthy breakfast, showered and life was just wonderful. Was it? or without me even knowing I was about to have a 10 day ! Yes 10 sales in a day. The alarm went off that notified me it was time to show up to the meeting and my first “Oh Shit” moment happened. My manager said alright guys n gals exciting news to announce! were going to the Baseball game tomorrow. The Colorado Rockies ! everyone was super excited to …

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door knocking side job

My thoughts on having a side job while door knocking

There is no direct answer. Let me break down the details so that you can better decide what is the best choice for yourself to make. Please make sure to read the whole post. The answer begins with me needing to know your current situation. How behind are you on rent? Do you have a family? Are you in a ton of debt? How well does the door to door sales job you got pay? Now many times people get confused with reality vs confidence. If you have a family and confidence levels of -5, don’t jump into a door to door job that is 100% commissions. I know you need to get a hold of your mind and all that jazz but until you do, its not smart to make the leap. Companies who have sales reps that are making a lot of money will tell you, do it, believe …

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