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Door to Door Sales Opener Pitch

The opener pitch! That’s right, I said it! The opener pitch! For those of you who are just getting started, for those of you who have already started, and for those of you who have been in the industry for quite some time, I am here to tell you that your opener pitch is the most important part of your sales presentation.

Now, many of you have heard that the closing of your sale goes hand in hand with your opener pitch. However, if you are not creating spark or interest in the opener pitch, then you may never get to the closing pitch, let alone your features and benefits. You must gain the customer’s interest towards you! That’s right! They must be interested in you as a salesperson and in what you represent. Now some of you might be thinking why would they have to be interested in me?! Well, first off, you must be likable, engaging, and a trustworthy individual in order for someone to want to hear what it is you have to offer. No one will be interested in doing business with someone who is rude, unprofessional and unethical.

Also, I want you to ask yourself if you sound like a ‘typical salesperson?’ And by that, I mean, scripted, robotic, you know the salesperson that you just want to brush off your doorstep whenever they come on knocking. I personally had customers who were not interested in my approach at the beginning and I am here to let you know that this can be corrected. I corrected my ways and became a successful salesperson. I became a top seller and made a large sum of money in doing so. You can too! You first need to understand that at the door you need to be you! Do not sound like a ‘typical salesperson.’ Get rid of that script! You see, you will be faced with several different scenarios at the door. What I mean by this, is that you do not know what is going on prior to the person coming and answering the door. They could be cleaning, watching a football game, celebrating a birthday and so forth. You have no idea what scenario you will encounter after you ring or knock on that door.

When you knock on that door and the customer answers, they have by nature embedded in their minds what a ‘typical salesperson’ sounds like. If you begin with your name and the company you work for and ramble on about what you do and your product then you are a ‘typical salesperson.’ Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t say your name and be professional or introduce your company and the features and benefits of the product. No! I am not saying this. I am saying there is a way to do it that makes you not sound like a ‘typical salesperson.’ It is not about what you say, it is how you say it! Always remember that!

You need to understand that if you sound like that ‘typical salesperson’ no matter what you are saying, the customer is not listening to you and the only thing that is going on in their mind is how they are going to get rid of you. However, there are ways where you can correct your interactions with your customer at the doors and correct your actions and what you say in your opener pitch. For instance, what I do, what approach I take when I first knock on the door is, I stand at a distance from the customer. This makes you unique and different from the last person that was at the door and from that ‘typical salesperson.’

There is so much more I can go through with the opener pitch. I will go into more detail in future posts but in the meantime, you can find more tips and strategies in my free video series and you can invest in my Masterd2d.com program that takes you from your opener pitch to your features and benefits, all the way to your closing pitch. I want to thank you so much for following along and remember to keep knocking with passion!

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