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What to Sell Door to Door to Make Money

The question that comes to mind when working in the sales industry is what should we do and what products should we sell in door to door sales in order to make money? Today, I am going to get into the detail of what product you should look into selling. I personally support door to door sales for home security, pest control, natural gas and electricity which is soon to be solar.

What you need to keep in mind is that if you want to sell a product you need to ask yourself is it of value in door to door sales. You see, door to door sales is not easy. You need to understand the structure of the profession and the amount of commitment you have to put forth when entering the industry. Of course, I have mentioned in previous posts that it is not easy, however, with patience and dedication the process is easy to master. In the long run, with experience, and with the right personality type you will realize that door to door sales is not extremely difficult.  You need to be excited in door to door sales, you need to open yourself up to growing a thicker skin and taking into consideration new strategies and approaches to acquire the skills needed to close those sales.

What you also need to do to close those sales is to select a product or service that pays well and is of high demand. An example of this is home security. I constantly push people towards home security because it pays extremely well and because I stand by the service and products being sold. Home security benefits a vast number of individuals and is a never-ending industry. It has great value and can provide you with further opportunity as an entrepreneur.

I want to dig deeper into how door to door sales is important for home security. However, I want to shift your thoughts to a dealership to get a better understanding of how door to door sales is important for home security. Ask yourself this question, what is the first thing that sales representatives at a dealership want to do when you are interested in a car? They want to test drive and present the car to you! They can do so because the car is there at the dealership. This is why you never see door to door salespeople working for a dealership. However, in home security, the product is presented at the property of the homeowners and this is why door to door salespeople are a necessity for this product and service. Door to door salespeople are essential for home security sales! Each property, each landmark can be used to benefit from the product you are selling. Pest control and solar are similar to home security in that they need door to door salespeople in order for customers to fully see its benefits. There have been countless cases where homeowners have thought about the product but didn’t really know where to look or how to research the product or service. You will come across people who are interested, who have been remotely interested, and who become interested because of how beneficial the product and services are.

If your product does not have a high value or is beneficial then how will your customers see it as being of use or of value to them? You need to figure out what type of product you want to sell. I highly recommend selling a product that is unique such as solar, any product that goes in people’s homes. Do not hesitate to compare prices. Look for who is going to pay you the best. Make sure to search for those reviews, search in the better business bureau because if you want to grow, you want to work for the best. Be in it for the long run and don’t sell yourself short. I am speaking from experience. I was able to build a high amount of income in door to door sales and now I am here teaching you how to do the same. I am here as your coach Paul Shakuri! Keep knocking with passion!

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