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Door to Door Sales Money

Are you pumped? Are you excited door to door mastery fans? Today you are going to learn how to drive more sales straight to your bank account! Larger paychecks and what to do with that money once you get that paycheque will be answered here. I am going discuss how to get more sales with the money that’s coming in. These are the things you need to think about when you are out there knocking on the doors. It is not just about going out there and getting a sale!

How many of you have gotten a sale and haven’t thought about what to do with the money you have made from that sale? Let’s be real, I told a lot of people you will enjoy door to door sales but your reasoning behind getting into the profession is also for the money. Do you reinvest the money to help you sell door to door? For example, getting business cards to help you with future sales when selling door to door. You need to create wealth and think within your mind that you need to create wealth. Setting your mindset and making a clear strategy of how to create that income will ensure success in your career and profession. All of you who have taken me up on my Masterd2d.com program has already invested in a wealthy future.

You are an entrepreneur if you are selling door to door. You must have a plan of action when selling door to door and closing more sales. I am excited right now to share with you how I did it! How to succeed in the door to door knocking profession! If you do not like door to door sales, well, I am here to tell you that is fine but you have to understand that you will be doing this short term. You have to figure out that if you want that wealth, then you have to have a plan on how you are going to get it. If you really cannot focus and keep track of your main goal in door knocking then you should quit! But before you do, I want you to know that with consistency, putting forth full effort and focussing on closing that sale will at the end get you that wealth and sales will become second nature to you. I was going to quit and I had to figure out what I was doing wrong and what the other sales reps were doing that I was not to get those sales. I have provided resources for you through social media, my free video series and my Masterd2d.com program to help you find that way to success in door to door sales. You must take the risk and open yourself up to different possibilities so you can get more sales. Don’t give away the world, stand your ground and understand if you focus on your customer and in delivering the value you will, in fact, close more sales. I was always a top seller at all the companies that I worked for. I took care of customers and never dropped my pants!

I have mentioned in previous content that you have to set aside 10 000 dollars in your bank account. I personally believe that this cushion will make you knock with comfort and ease as you gain experience. You will not feel desperate at each door if you have those savings. I set the bar high and I didn’t have money to my name when I started knocking and I wanted to make it happen. I was not closing a lot of sales as I had hoped and I knew I had to surround myself with successful individuals. I did those things to help me close more sales and to become the top salesperson in my profession. I always gave and received but most importantly I found a balance between the two. You need to figure out what you are going to do to reinvest the money you get from door knocking. I already gave you one step and that is having 10 000 dollars as a cushion. You need to sacrifice and live frugal at the beginning until you have that money set aside. This needs to be your goal, the first step, the first module in the process of mastering door to door. Now, most of you spend money on entertainment. Many of you say you need cable. However, you need to set that primary goal of saving 10 000 dollars in your bank account and once you have that, then you can begin to slowly increase how much money you spend on entertainment. I always recommend you open three accounts. One personal account for savings, one for bill accounts that you spend on bills, another account for investments. The savings account that you put your 10 000 dollars into is there to be saved and not touched. Make sure you are budgeting your entertainment events accordingly. I mean you have to reward yourself at times and have fun but learn to budget. This could be a great incentive to push you harder at the doors so you can go on that vacation or do that fun activity that you have planned.

Back to the example, I shared about business cards. They are beneficial and should not be used as an excuse as to why you are not getting a sale but it is a good investment in getting business cards. If you get them it will help you close a few more sales. Understand what business cards do. Let’s say they give you 20 or so more accounts in a year. Don’t rely on the business cards to get every sale. However, they add an element to the door to door industry when selling. It makes you look professional and gives you a few more accounts at the end of the year. They are not an expensive investment. Just stop and think if you handed out your business card to everyone, out of a thousand cards which cost about fifty bucks, if you got one sale in a thousand it will be profitable for you. This is what is called investing. You are already at the door, slip a business card. But had you not given the business cards or even after getting the sale giving them a few business cards so they can refer you to their friends and family then you will not get those extra deals. Business cards are not mandatory; however, they help increase and promote more sales. If your company is not willing to get your business cards then it is not the end of the world! Make sure that if you or the company provides you with business cards to respect the tools and the job you are in. Take it seriously, you are an entrepreneur and it is your business.

Now, let’s discuss another way to invest your money and increase your sales. My Masterd2d.com program is an A-Z teaching program. Meaning it teaches you techniques from A-Z, the entire process. You probably need guidance with specific tools. Perhaps, you want to learn more about the opener pitch, features, and benefits, closing pitch and more. The program has great value and goes through the ins and outs of what you want from door to door sales and what to expect when going out there on turf. Module one is so important for people to be able to get started and kick-start their door knocking career. It helps you set up that plan. How you handle rebuttals and objections is covered in the program. It is very detailed and, in each module, it provides different stages of the process. One advice I want to give for those who are members of my Masterd2d.com program and for future members to not just jump to module three, the beginning modules build you up to that module.

I want to mention briefly a squeeze page. What I have created for my sales rep is an actual squeeze page and this has helped tremendously. If you do go to my free video series you will see a squeeze page. This is a great tool to have when promoting or providing information for your business, product or service.

In the meantime, I want you to review the notion of having a game plan, of investing and of purchasing my Masterd2d.com program. Once you have decided on all three, you know where to reach me. Knock with passion and remember “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

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