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Door to Door Mastery Questions Answered

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! Today is going to be focussing on questions asked! Let’s get started! Ron sells high ticketed items, specifically, he sells home improvement, guttering types of services. And the answer to the question, if high ticketed items can be sold door to door, is yes absolutely. Ron, you can take your business and increase sales by going door to door even if its value is over a thousand dollars. Keep in mind however that the strategy used to sell something of a thousand- dollar value is much different than the lower valued products and or services. Door to door sales works for any product you want to sell because it is about making that personal connection. That being said Ron, I recommend you go out there for one full week with your marketing plan knocking on doors eight hours a day with your product and or services. To further that, it is important to figure out how customers will benefit from your product and or services. For example; in this case, we are looking at gutters. You can explain to the customer that gutters retain water and that if they overflow they can leak on to the roof and cause damage in that area. You would simply state how your gutters can improve the current state of the home by a hundred percent and can benefit the customer.

Now, when we are talking about door to door sales, you have to build that communication and that engagement up with your customers. For high ticketed items I suggest you have a sheet of individuals that you can reconnect with after the initial meeting so you can come back to them later. Of course, I do not suggest you have the mentality to just give up at the doors. Your initial goal is to close those deals or else it’s done. But having that sheet can be useful for a bonus to go back to those individuals later and try and close those deals. It takes a while to develop the skills of door to door sales but once you master it you will be able to close those deals. You really have to understand how to deal with the customer’s refusal. Set your goals and how your going to achieve them in door to door sales. I promise you if you are persistent you will succeed but if you quit after the first week, don’t even bother going out there. Set up flyers! You will make sales by sending out flyers! You can organize how you manage your flyers with just a small budget. Everything is possible with logic and time!

Now to Randolph! First off, I have worked in the past with people who generate leads for people! You have to be careful with that! You are going to start noticing that those who generate leads send you to customers who actually refused the product or service from the initial meet and greet from the individual who sent you the lead. So the question that you have asked is how do you set up quality leads?! As the lead set up, their job is to find every possible way and scenario of how the product and or service will benefit there lives now and in the future! Focus on the three top sellers of your products and or services. You don’t want to bombard the customer with everything! You as a lead have to know the customer’s hot buttons! You need to know why they are saying not interested! You need to communicate and engage with the customer. Be professional, have your ID badge on hand and begin by asking a question. Understand that their belief about you at the beginning is that you are a typical salesperson. Make sure you have confidence. Dig deep! Dive in! Take them out of the house and start presenting your product and if they are already satisfied with what they have, you need to provide how your product benefits the customer and has benefited others now and how it has helped others in the past. People have to have a problem that you can be able to fix! To further this how can you handle a burnout! You can be doing the same thing over and over again and get the same result expecting a different result. You have to grow within the industry. Your mindset Josh should be “how do I master the art of selling door to door?” Once you acquire this talent you can build to owning your own business, hiring individuals to sell door to door. Going away on vacation is not going to solve your problem of that slump and burn out. You need goals! What are you willing to do to accomplish your goals?! When you make the money and achieve these goals reward yourself. When you gain the knack of it you can train other sales representatives so they can learn how you can succeed in door knocking.

Matt is inquiring about my Masterd2d.com program. My program is created for every type of product. It trains you with all possible scenarios. Door to door sales takes time because you do get rejected. Most individuals won’t sell door to door if they are only going to make a few bucks. My teachings are for every single individual and product. It teaches you everything from A-Z! It teaches you how to grow your sales, how to run your business, it’s for every industry and it goes into detail about the full process of door to door sales. So take advantage of that resource, it is a great investment and you will see changes in your closing sales if you implement the strategies outlined in the program. Josh presented me with the question of how to pinpoint individuals who do not have the intention to buy your product if they invite you into their home! The answer, it is your duty as a salesperson to get them interested! So I am going to let you know those individuals that invite you into their homes they are already remotely interested in your product and or services. The next step is for you to close that deal and get them interested. Presentation time! Explaining how the product and or service can benefit them. Fixing the problem by explaining how their product and service can benefit the customer!.

Present your products and services features and benefits and how it will change the customer’s life! For example; security systems can benefit them if they had this particular product inside their house at night if someone broke into the house. Just because you explained it this might not make sense to them. So you would then engage with them. Re-explain how the product will work, just how will the security system work if someone comes from the back door. It’s not only what you say its how you present yourself for doing the presentation. Learn how to engage with your customers! Get that confirmation from them that they understand the product and how it benefits them. Sell ethically by presenting them the answers that they may possibly have now and will have in the future.

Thank you so much for the questions! Keep connecting with me! God bless you! Love you all! Remember I am here to share knowledge, to help you grow, to build your skills and confidence! Knock with passion and never quit! Perseverance is life’s greatest challenge, yet life’s greatest reward as it takes you to a life of satisfaction!.

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