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Door to Door Sales: Learn How to Get More Consistent Selling(Free Video Series)

Are you looking to increase the amount of engagement you have with your customers when doing door to door sales? Ultimately, do you want to become more consistent at the doors or perhaps you own a small business and are looking to hire a sales team that can engage with potential customers out there at the doors and end up learning how to get those sales every single day? Learning how to become consistent and close those deals every single day!

Hello, I am Paul Shakuri and for over twelve years I have been actively doing door to door sales. Presently, I am teaching over ten thousand individuals on how to master the art of door to door sales. Now, if you are already in this profession and are a door to door sales representative or door to door sales person, you must already know that you and I are a different breed! The majority of people do not have the courage to go out there and knock on doors on a day to day basis. Now, I am here to teach you my three step process on how to lock and engage a customer. This way you can come home with accounts closed instead of coming home with the regular “just not interested” result. My three step process which I teach in my free video program that you can find on my blog. You just have to sign up and then you will get my three free video series which goes through this process and so much more in full detail. So here we go! Take notes!

1. Mastering door to door sales means that you first must master your opener pitch! What typically happens during your opener pitch is a customer usually says they are just not interested in what you have to offer. What tends to happen is that you begin to feel disappointed because you were not able to close that deal and then you tend to go to the next door carrying your feet down because of the lack of success you at prior to this next customer. Trust me! You can overcome this and I know this because I have overcome this! That link that describes in detail the process will tell you exactly how to master the opener pitch!

2. Master building up your features and benefits! Once you have mastered your opener pitch, mastering your features and benefits is crucial when doing door to door sales. Now, the majority of sales representatives who sell door to door excel with the knowledge surrounding the features of their product, however, they lack in being able to make the connection on how that product feature is beneficial to the customer. Again, sign up for the link and learn more in detail about just how to build up your features and benefits.

3. The actual close! How do you close a sale properly where you do not feel guilty or bad that you have closed the sale! Basically, what I am trying to say is how do you close a sale ethically because door knocking isn’t just about closing those deals it’s about closing those deals ethically. I explain all of this on my three free video series that teaches you and trains you on how you can close more sales and increase your engagement with your customers. You will stop getting those not interested. You will no longer begin to feel like crap because you are not getting those deals. I was there and now that I am training all over the world, I want to give you the tools you need to close more sales at the doors. Sign up on the link and let’s get started with those three free video series!

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