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How Long Does It Take to Master Door to Door Sales?

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri! Many of you have been asking me how long does it take to build that consistency when selling door to door? When will your closing sales and door knocking become consistent to the point where you are bringing in the cash?

First off, I want to define the meaning behind what it actually means to master door to door sales! This means that no matter what you sell, or where you sell, you can consistently go out there and know comfortably that you are going to close those deals! You are ready to tackle anything! From roofing to solar! You will be able to provide information on the product, the process and in the end, you will be able to close those deals. You will be able to educate individuals about the market in different areas. For example, if you are selling solar in New Jersey, you will be able to educate on the marketing of solar panels within that area.

I want to share how long it took myself to build that consistency needed to close those deals at the doors. When I started it was over twelve years ago knocking on doors. It must have been minus 30 to 40 with wind chills 50 to 60 and I was out there knocking, selling energy door to door. I was able to close deals as I informed customer’s the benefits and savings of long-term contracts for the energy service. From that, I moved on from selling energy to selling home security. I was selling home security, home automation for the largest Monitronics dealer. From there I went on to help the owner which became the largest year-round Monitronics dealer. He was able to grow his sales team and just crush sales in the market in Arizona. During this time, I was able to meet many amazing individuals and learn a lot about the business. The reason why I am telling you this is because I am presently an entrepreneur with my own company. However, at the beginning of this entire process, I was a chicken! I was in your shoes for those of you who know what I am talking about. Luckily, with persistent and with hard work I was successful at the job. My first summer program I did not do the best. I was struggling not knowing if I was going to get that deal. I would just ramble at the door about the product hoping customers would say yes at the door. I didn’t identify with the idea that I was sounding like a typical sales person and that’s why I was getting the rejections over and over. Sound familiar? This was not working!

One of my biggest strong suits is never giving up. It took me approximately four months to see some improvements from my past sales or lack of sales. I moved to Arizona’s market and I struggled again. I couldn’t accept the notion that people did not want what I had to offer. I knew right then and they’re there was something wrong with what I was doing. I then realized the more I knocked the more skillsets I gained and I began getting those deals. It took me over a year to a year in a half to really go out there and comfortably say that I could go out there and get those deals. Yes, over a year! It took me longer than the average guy. Although it took me longer, I was able to stay committed and not quit. I was able to identify processes and techniques for others to use when going out there on turf and knocking on doors. Currently, I have created with my team the Activeknocker app which allows you to monitor your progress and more. All of my investments are doing extremely well!

I am providing all of this information because I know there are individuals out there that are struggling to make ends meet with door to door sales. The course I provide with my three video series can help you reach success. I love sharing this information with you and the question you must be asking is how long is it going to take you to build that consistency. Well, you have to go out there eight hours a day to six days a week. The first three months of knocking will help you in your fourth month. You start becoming stronger at door to door sales at six months and you will see a significant increase in twelve months. However, you can speed up the process by learning from someone like me to help you learn the process quicker. Now, my door to door mastery is not available all the time. That program provides a lot of content that I get a ton of questions and I always get back to those questions in a timely manner. So I have to secure the program and open it up in a limited time.

I am here to help so don’t be afraid to communicate and sign up for my free video series which you can see on my blog. Together as a door-knocking community, I am here and I am not going to give up on you all! Mark my words this profession will continue to grow! If you master something that you struggle with to start and you have the knowledge, then it is your duty to educate others to help them get there quicker and safer! Thank you for following along! Knock with passion and let’s build this door knocking community to over 100000 people!

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