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How to Close More Sales a Step by Step Guide

Hello! Are you currently in the profession of door to door sales or are interested in taking your business do that next level? I have been coaching and mentoring in the area of door to door sales for over twelve years and it is very rewarding and challenging. However, once you follow the steps and implement them you will see a change in just how many deals you end up closing. If you keep following along I will reveal my three-step formula that will increase your business when selling door to door.

1. Gathering customer’s interests: DO NOT SOUND LIKE A TYPICAL SALESPERSON! Most of the time when you begin your turf and start knocking on doors customers do not enjoy speaking with you because you may come across as a typical salesperson. So now that you know what not to do, how do you begin to gather the customer’s interest? You must create curiosity! Do not tell them the full detail of your product or service immediately! Begin a conversation with them and get the customer’s engaged so that way they will want to hear more. You see the difference between telling them everything at the beginning will not make them curious in wanting to hear more about why it is you are here or what it is you are selling!

2. Build a ton of value of what it is you have to offer: At this point your building up your product. And how do you build up your product is by knowing every single detail about the product you are selling and its services. You see when you have full knowledge of your products and services you can easily point out to the customer how your product is beneficial to them. This part is
crucial as the customer has it now embedded in their mind that they actually do need the product, which they most likely do and that it’s very beneficial to them. Now there is a specific way of building the value, it is not just listing off the features and benefits. You must do it in a correct way!

3. Closing the sale: You must learn how to close the sale in the third step and this too must be done in a specific way. You have to be extremely assumptive! I teach all three steps in full detail in my three step video series and it is the right way to do it as the majority of top salespeople are following the same methods today. So the question you are probably asking is how do you get my full three video series in detail! You will see it on my blog page and if you sign up for it you will receive hours of content of myself training and teaching you how to approach door to door sales in the appropriate manner. You see, door to door sales is a process that you must learn. In this case, a three-step process. You must be able to take a customer from not being interested into becoming interested in what you have to offer. You must gain their interest, build the value of your product and state why it is beneficial to them and assumptively close the sale.

If you would like to learn more then keep following my blog posts as they have helpful tips and strategies on how to approach door knocking and how to become successful at it! In the meantime, knock with passion! Don’t be afraid to comment or share information about this great profession! And most importantly I will keep posting more information for you to gain more knowledge in door knocking!

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