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How to Not Fumble a Door to Door Sale

Hello everyone! I want to thank you so much for following along my content. My goal is to provide you with information that will bring forth results in door knocking. Today, we are going to discuss what salespeople do at the door during the sales process that is slowing them or you down from getting that sale. Many sales reps do not take action, they do not build that fire within themselves when they venture out into turf. You need that excitement in your life, that fire to master door to door sales and to close those deals. Take control of your life so you can take control of your sales career. In this content, I want to focus on how you can lose the sale because you simply over talked to your customer with what you had to offer.

As mentioned before, you need to work for a company where you believe and love the product or service they have to offer. For instance, I love doing what I do, that is why I continue to provide resources to all of you to master what I have learned in the door to door profession. You too need to find a product or service that you enjoy and love so you can sell and promote it ethically. I want you all to get what you want and need in your life within the door to door sales profession. I have studied the sales profession and continue to study it. Don’t overwhelm yourself, your clients or your bank accounts. The majority of you get a great paycheque and go out on the weekend and spend all your money on partying. Afterward, you end up kicking yourself and hope for a good week at work. You need to stop doing that! You need to prioritize and budget. You need to save money, this way you are not desperate to close a sale. When customers see you relaxed and all together, you will get more sales. This is really a learning curve, once you get it, that’s when it will become super fun and exciting. However, even if you love the product you have to make sure not to over talk the customer. Many times, in my career I over talked the sale. I had many cancellations believe it or not! Going into too much detail about the product can make the customer overwhelmed and as a result, they will discontinue their business with you. Some sales rep over talk because they feel that they need to sell the product and feel that they need to make it sound even better and so forth. Customers soon begin to give objections and then nerves kick in and you talk even more.

When you are selling you need to reset your mind. I need you to view the sale from this angle, you need to begin to look at the sale from the customer’s point of view. Can the customer benefit with what you have to offer? If they tell you they can’t afford it, that is a valid objection. Most of the case when they say that, it is because they are already overwhelmed and they do not want it. If I am selling pest control and the customer is constantly away from the property and does not care about the bugs then that is not a potential customer. Don’t force or waste your time with individuals that are not potential customers. You still need to try but do not overwhelm yourself or burn yourself out on individuals who are not ideal for the product. If someone is giving you an excuse after excuse, move forward to the next door. Keep in mind that even if the customer responds positively you have to keep it simple and play it cool. You must get comfortable and understand what is too much information and what is too little information when providing details about your products or services. This will catch on with more experience you gain. Keep knocking so you can master this technique. If the customer feels there is too much information about the product, they will decline to do business with you and do more research on the best products that are out there or best services. You need to be focused on your product, the hot buttons that attract the customers, you need to take it easy, relax and go with the flow.

I want to share with you a testimonial that came in from Randy Clemens. “Hey Paul, I just want to thank you for your passion and dedication in helping others succeed as you did. I just started selling meats for Capital Meats in February and am the second top salesman in my office but for some reason the last three weeks I have hit a wall and am not selling the quantity I was in the past few months. Most people are very nice but I am getting more not interested and it is making me nervous. I don’t think you can lose your touch but that’s what it feels like for me these past few weeks. I realize that much of it has to do with mindset. I have had good days but it is not as consistent as it actually was.” Randy, this is typical. What happens with many knockers is that we will have great weeks because we feel really good that week and are super confident. We are in the mode and have full momentum that is carried over each and every day. You end up challenging yourself to keep that momentum going and to get that sale as every day passes. You then begin to think it is the beginning of the week and you start calculating your sales from zero. Do not start from zero! Ask yourself, how many sales do I have for the month? You see Mondays were the best days for me in sales because I looked at sales in a different way. I didn’t start from scratch on a weekly basis. I focused on the month’s sales and talked myself into getting so many sales in a day or in the following week. Most sellers are not consistent because their emotions are not consistent. One day you close a sale and another you are on top of the world and close double the amount. Remember, a rejection at one door does not equal rejections at future doors. You cannot believe that one rejection means consistent rejections following that experience. Taking control of your emotions is key to gaining that consistency. So, if you are not selling you need to learn what you are doing wrong so you can focus on what to do right. The key to staying consistent is to know you will get a sale! Know that you will get a sale at every door regardless if it works out. Now here is Randy’s testimonial following my advice, “Paul, I am doing better than ever! I broke over the barrier thanks to your advice…” You see, those who implement my teachings end up getting the results they were looking for. When hard work meets the proper education, money is the result. Randy is the man that made it all happen. Next is to keep consistency so that you can build your wealth.

So, door knockers, do not get your customers overwhelmed and to not get yourself overwhelmed. Get your customers interested in the product without over complicating it. Knock with passion every day and remember “Make a customer, not a sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

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