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Learn How to Increase Engagement with Potential Customers

We are going to tap into another sales tip! I recently had two coaching calls and noticed some similarities that you and the majority of you in door to door sales may come across. Now, most of you may be thinking that there are several experiences that can be relatable but the question to ponder is how do you handle those experiences?

I want to ask you this, what do you expect when selling a new product or service? Are you afraid of what the response will be towards your product or service from your potential customer? Do you find that you become a different person at the door because of the fear of what might come about after approaching and speaking to your potential customer? You see, there are specific steps and a process that you have to follow to acquire more sales and to get the desired response. Focusing on your opener pitch, your features, and benefits, and your closing will help bring that sale to a close.

Let’s dig on deeper, shall we?! If you want to increase sales, then you should expect to be encountered by what I like to call the “unknown” quite frequently. Meaning, you never know what exact circumstance you may be facing on what particular day at the doors. Although, as mentioned, you may have the same experience, it is difficult to determine exactly when or how similar those experiences may arise at another door. It is important to remember that this is in fact okay! The issue arises when you allow the “unknown” to take over your approach to door knocking in a negative manner. Do not worry about what you will face, no matter the situation, with the proper guidance and mentoring you will be able to handle any circumstance that you come across. If you are put in a particular situation you will find a solution to that situation and if you couldn’t find one immediately, you will learn from that situation and prepare yourself if you ever were to encounter that scenario again.

You should be motivating and pushing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to prepare for a day’s work of door knocking. This is how you will be able to face the unknown! You will not be drained, you will be alert and most importantly, you will have presented yourself in a professional manner. If you stick in with door knocking and push yourself, over a long period of time, you will master the art of door to door sales. One way to increase the number of sales you have is to be aware of what is happening around you when you are selling. For example; if someone tells you that they are not interested in the beginning, figure out why they are saying this! Ask more questions!

I am sure many of you get those “stomach bugs” prior to going out there and starting something new. However, you do not and should not allow this to overpower your personality and of achieving the goals you have set out to achieve. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN! Work on becoming comfortable with what you are doing and the unknown will soon become a natural experience. This, in turn, will allow you to close more sales and will allow you to bring forth new strategies to get those accounts closed.

Remember, it is all about perseverance, confidence, and risk-taking. Make sure you take care of yourself first and battle away those insecurities that may be lingering inside before heading out there. I want you to know that you can succeed at anything you put your mind too as long as you are determined and are patient in the process. The end results in door to door sales can and will be amazing! That being said, start today by knocking with passion and by remembering all the tips and strategies that are out there to ensure your door knocking experience will end with a closing sale!

I am going to end this post by simply wishing everyone a great experience in door knocking. Thank you for following my posts. Until next time, I am Paul Shakuri, your coach, mentor, and teacher.

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