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Understanding How to Increase Sales

Our main objective today is to address how to increase your sales when selling door to door. I will tell you that I will buy from an individual if they are trustworthy and have a good sense of humor. These to me are just some of the few characteristics one should have when entering the door to door sales profession. Another important characteristic to have when selling door to door is to be able to handle rejections. Many people in this profession tend to beat themselves up when they do not get the sale or the outcome they desired with a potential customer. This could lead to one’s downfall if not corrected.

I am here to let you know that when I began in the industry of door to door sales, I was rejected many times. This is common when you are new to the profession and I am sure many of you can relate to this experience. I used to watch others excel in my company and began to beat myself up thinking that perhaps this was not my area of expertise. I wanted to become just like the top sellers. I wanted to earn customers loyalty and close those sales. I learned that it is unrealistic to think that you can close a large number of sales right from the beginning. This does not happen often! It may happen to some but for the majority of individuals, it does not happen.

Sales, for instance, is a skill trait that is acquired over a certain period of time. Depending on what type of sales you are in, you develop the skills through experience and duration over an extended period of time. After you learn the skills you will be able to close more sales and get a higher set of income because of it. This is one reason why I like sales. I like the challenge and the fact that when you are in a sales profession you receive a substantial amount of income.

Now, this is extremely important! No matter how powerful or how great your product is, people will not listen to you unless you have a sales person who will give the proper presentation. The main issue in door to door sales is that the customers think that you are a ‘typical salesperson’ trying to just sell any marketable item. Once a salesperson fully understands this, then they can see the perspective from the customer and begin to view their product in a manner that is of value. When this happens, the customers will see the benefit of the product and you will have gained their loyalty.

Gaining a customer’s loyalty in sales is a step by step process. The opener pitch, introducing the features and benefits and the closing pitch is the process to use if you want to get that deal closed. Remember, customers do not want to deal with ‘salespeople,’ so don’t sound like a ‘salesperson.’ Gain their trust, build a partnership, ask those questions, learn about your product and be committed to representing your company. The way we sell and interact with individuals these days is completely different. you need to acquire an individual’s likability to gain trust and eventually gain a loyal customer.

Your challenge as a salesperson is to get to the stage where you can explain the product’s features and benefits. Once you get to that stage and can see the customer’s benefit for the product, then they are the customer’s you will want to attract to the company. If the person does not see the benefit of what you have to offer then they are not necessarily ones that you have to invest time into. You want to invest and look for customers who will actually benefit from the product, who will have relevance to what it is you are selling.

Remember, you want to build that partnership right from the beginning. So, be yourself, love what you do, value your product and your customers. Keep on knocking with passion!

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