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048: What to do to get out of sales slumps

Sales slumps suck. How do I know? Two ways. I was in a sales slump years ago and thought it was the end of the world. 3 days without a sale was the longest I went. Now I know you might be saying to yourself, “Paul that’s nothing, I go through sales weeks without deals”. I’m here to tell you that mentality is wrong. F that. Not one day you should go without getting a sale. I mean it. In order to correct a sales slump you need to understand why it’s happening what’s going on and how you can overcome it.

Before I get into that I want to explain the second reason I know you are struggling with this. Simply put, you’re reading this blog post. The internet is a powerful tool. You search and so it delivers. I get this question asked often. Many times I will be lying in my bed and one of you will email me saying “hey, I’m in a slump how to I get out?” Sorry for not answering with detail but that’s because its more than a one liner. Hence, I’m writing this blog post.

Lets dive in. So what is happening. You are not getting sales and it feels like you just don’t know how to sell. Everyone you talk to is either rude, or just doesn’t let you progress in your sales pitch. You are trying with all your might and you just aren’t getting anywhere. Nobody wants what you have to offer. Sales sucks and the company and product is dead. Bullshit. Trust me when I say this. Pure 100% Bullshit beef. Now it’s time to reprogram your mind and prove to you I know my shit.

People are rejecting you because they know you are in a slump. They sense it. They smell it. They feel your confidence at an all time low. Don’t believe me? Try what I am about to teach you. Before thinking about changing anything in your pitch, you need to work on your mindset. Mindset is 99% of the battle at mastering door to door sales. As i teach in my door to door mastery program, you need to learn what it takes to mentally prepare yourself from the second you wake up, all the way to how you present yourself at the doors. When people know they can simply push you away easily, they will.

It’s time to think logic. Why would someone want to do business with a person who knocked on their door and is rambling on and on taking their sweet time? In your mind you love what you are selling. This does not mean that potential customer feels the same way in that given moment. You need to work the story line up, build the excitement up before asking them to marry your product or service. How do you do this? Confidence. This is what you are lacking when you are in a slump. When you are in a slump, you may not realize it but you aren’t doing what the top sales people are. When you are 100% confident with 100% certainty that no matter what the customer says you will find a ethical way to present a solution and get the sale. Your customer senses this and opens up to hearing more. It just means you’re in a downward spiral and you need to snap out of it.

Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. We all know Duglas got knocked the F out but still pushed through and won the fight. Time to play mind games with yourself and know that you are the Buster Douglas of door knocking. So you got knocked the F to your knees. Get up, stand strong and come back with the win. Start taking control of how you think. Most of you are weak minded and this is killing your sales. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Understand that if you do not take control of your thoughts and your emotions, you will not get the victory. Take a chance on me. Put 1 month of nothing but positivity in your life and see what comes out of it. If you can’t stand door knocking, learn to push through and love it. Understand why you chose to door knock in the first place.

Last thing I have to say is STOP beating yourself up. Stop thinking if door knocking is for you or not. Let get rid of that bullshit thought and accept the fact that you chose to do this for a year or two and just make it the best darn year of your life. You can change everything around today. The question is how hard are you willing to work to make that change. What sacrifices will you make to achieve that success. It starts NOW!

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