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Overthinking The Door to Door Sales Process

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! It is your boy Paul Shakuri! Today we are going to focus on some more tips and strategies that you can use at the doors so you can master the craft of door to door sales. Now, today was one of my best days ever because I was playing hockey and scored a number of goals. The reason why I am bringing up the sport of hockey is not that I scored a number of goals but because while I was on the ice I began thinking about door knocking. I reflected back to when I had a fear of door knocking. How I used to over think and attach negative thoughts and emotions to door knocking. I began doing what most people do and that is overthinking! When this happens your thoughts become bombarded with too many ideas, outcomes, fears and you are limited. You lose confidence and cannot approach door to door sales with the energy or perfection you need to close deals. Overthinking can kill door to door sales. It will, in fact, limit you from closing those deals! You will not be knocking with your full potential!

 So my tip: Overthinking decreases sales! Stop it, please! How to solve this is to cut off the quick mentality. I myself am putting in long hours and today I even questioned if I should go to hockey. I immediately caught myself and said no! I am going to hockey; I am not going to start overthinking the decision. And am I glad I went to hockey because it was one of my best games. We need you out on those doors so you need to stop overthinking. You have a life to live, a family to feed. Master the art of door to door sales. You do not need a high school diploma, you just need to believe in yourself and not overthink. Once you have proven yourself you can build what your worth. Do not be that person that revolves everything about themselves, especially when working for a company and with other individuals. You have to push yourself to work as a team and to stop overthinking because it will paralyze you.

What are some of the things you over think about? Now, I want to let you know that there are some things I overthink about and that is my investments. What I do not overthink too much about is giving money to people in the past who claimed they needed it but never really improved themselves in progressing in the profession. There were many times and those who have worked for me know that I loaned money to individuals that worked for me who were in a bind to help them fulfill job requirements and at the end, they just ended up screwing me. Now, I have learned that I have to make individuals fish for their sales and to really make them learn from what they are watching. You could be watching but not really learning anything. So it is my duty as a mentor to provide information for you that you can comprehend and apply daily at the turf, in the office and even in your everyday life ambitions. I want you to succeed so implement the tips and strategies I share with you to your daily tasks and you will see a vast improvement on closing deals and develop your personal self!

Take the time to reach out and sign on to my free video series to learn more about door to door sales. Until next time, God bless you all. Knock with passion and don’t forget to stop that overthinking! Peace!

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