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Vivint To ADT Selling Alarms Here Is What You Need To Know

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy, Paul Shakuri with some mad respect for a gentleman that commented on the information I have been providing out there through my various sites. Why I have mad respect for this individual is because he mentions how much difficulty it is to switch from one company to another. I had the same difficulties and I guarantee most of you face the same challenge when it comes to this subject. So let’s get into more detail!

To begin, I really want to reach out to Nick Hess who made an awesome comment that really resonated with me. When I was selling residential and commercial security door to door, I started off back in the day working for the original Apex. Now, most of you are aware APEX is now Vivint. This was over twelve to fifteen years ago, quite some time. When I got started, I started my first summer program with a very successful office. We were actually the second best, we did not finish first. After about the second, third-month mark when I had gone out there and knocked and started to gain some traction in our summer program, we realized we only had one month left because the season was almost done. So following the summer program I applied for a management position and they did not give it to me.

Later over the years, I formed my own company, am a trainer, am free of debt and am a millionaire. That company I worked for is no longer in business and prior to going out of business the two managers they hired me do not even work in the industry anymore. This just goes to show how things can easily take a full turn. Nick says he is having trouble picking himself back up after switching companies. So let’s discuss! Nick went from Apex to Vivint and last to the world of the octagon, ADT. He went from the orange blood to the blue blood and made that transition. First off, when you’re in the orange blood, your speaking, communicating, thinking, your presenting, your mind revolves and knows everything about Vivint, about Apex. When you were talking with the customer you would slip in those small details that had an impact because you had the wealth of knowledge, the experience. Remember, ten percent is what you say but ninety percent is how you say it! Now, before we look into this further I just wanted to put out there that ADT has grown and is growing at a very fast speed. The team that works there that have been set in place are amazing and I know this first hand because my FillQuick program was the first to be integrated with ADT. Furthermore, you are going to be hearing about Active knockers in the future and a new interphase. Some cool shit is happening!

Back to Nick’s question, we have to break things down to understand how to better transition to a new company. Here is an example; you want to make a cookie recipe and the three ingredients needed in Paul’s chocolate chip cookies are milk, sugar, and flour. These three ingredients are needed to make my amazing chocolate chip cookies. However, let’s dig deeper! How much of each ingredient do we need to make these cookies? Well for milk we need 1 cup, sugar we need 2 tbs, and finally, for flour, we need 1 cup. If I mix these all up and put it in the oven at the same temperature every time you make a new batch, the majority of the time they will turn out the same. Now, let’s just say you want to add protein! So, you’re going to add 1.5 cups of milk and keep everything else the same. If I put this batch in the oven and take it out is the batch going to be the same as the others or is it going to be different because we made a small change with the ingredients? You went from orange blood to blue blood. The things you used to say have changed. Because you’re changing the small ingredient which is what you say, it is impacting massively the ingredient of how you say it! This is what’s affecting your sales!

Now, this is not something to be afraid of! It just needs to be corrected! I call this the adjustment phase! You have to start studying ADT. This will bring how you present at the door back to ninety percent. The majority of the people quit and try several ingredients where they end up in a mess. This is all taught in my Masterd2d.com program. If you do not have this program, invest in it! The program will help you close those deals. My three free video series has features that will help you as well. I hope this blog found you well! Remember the resources and tools are important for you! Until next time! Boom!

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