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Rules to Becoming a More Consistent Door Knocker

Yo! Yo! Yo! What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri! I am super slammed today but I always, always think of you guys and gals. On the top of my head, I take a look at the questions of what you have asked me and I create content based on those questions that will help you get out there and close those deals.

What keeps popping up! The question that keeps on occurring over and over is “how do I master door to door sales? How do I do this? Just how exactly do I make money selling door to door?” When I refer to money I am referring to bank, meaning, how to get money pouring in from door to door sales. I am going to provide you with that mindset, that mentality to be able to go out there today, that’s right! I said today! To close those sales!

Most of what I am going to share, you know you are going to have to implement if you want to succeed. If you do not put into practice what I am about to share with you then you will not succeed. Basically what I am saying is that if you do not do it, then don’t expect those dang results. As I am providing this content I want to let you know that I myself am about to step into a meeting with my corporate clients that are going to take me to that next level and they have already committed because of the skillset I have used on the doors. This is where I ultimately want to take you guys and gals that are serious about the door knocking profession.

If you do not have the hunger or the will to win in door to door sales, then just forget about it! You’re not going to excel in the profession or even master the art of door to door sales. I don’t teach you to become an average door to door sales person! I teach you how to become a massive closing machine!

 Hunger: Let’s talk about hunger! How bad do you want to succeed and why? I wanted to make a massive six-figure income, to sell products that mattered to me and that I believed in. I did it ethically! You cannot be a massive door to door sales person if you sell unethically. You will just end up in jail at the end! I created the hunger! I used to sleep on a blow-up mattress with my wife and I didn’t have a perfect beginning. We all suffer from different pains! You have to create the hunger!

 People Skills: Do you have people skills? Think about it?! If you don’t start developing people skills, then how will you succeed in door knocking? Think about all of the content I provide and how I let all the people on my list out there know I have a Masterd2d.com that can be purchased to help with door to door sales, well that’s me using my people skills. I love talking to people and when I do this and I stop caring about the dollar bills I get those sales. So for those people that use my resources, that learn from me, well they end up going out there and increasing their people skills. I want to thank all our marketing team in all our software’s who have tremendously worked hard to get that rolling. Once again thank you! People skills! ActiveKnocker.com, Fillquick.com, Masterd2d.com program and most recently our E- Commerce.com. I want to reach out and say thank you!

Leadership skills! You need to be your own leader to push yourself to get to that next level. People skills are everything and if you don’t have it you need to learn it. You get people interested by using your people skills. You need to learn how people communicate these days, how to overcome obstacles within your communication and most importantly you need to learn the different ways people communicate. People are getting confused with internet marketing methods versus one on one, face to face communication. This will take time and you have to develop yourself first. I just can’t give you a magic phrase where customers will sign up for your product like that. You have to get the customer engaged. You have to build communication with them. Let’s look at a scenario where someone rejects you immediately and is offended by you. People skills! “I am sorry to have offended you but can you tell me what I did wrong so I don’t offend the next person.” Opening up a line of communication. This is what I teach in my door to door mastery program.

If you want to succeed you are going to focus on you! Getting better every day! Not giving a crap about rejection! Fighting through the rejection and learning from them to succeed in future sales. You have to couple all of this with knowledge! Knowing what you are doing! Switching from zero to a hundred in a matter of days!

Thank you for following my content information! I want you to reach out to me and I want you to sign up for my free video course that shares important content for door to door sales because I met just take that down too and start selling it. Thank you again and until next time! Peace!

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