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Reduce Cancellations Selling Door to Door

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri here and today we are going to touch base on a subject that most have you have been pressing about and that is cancellations. Now, the main question that arises for most is, is there a way to prevent or even stop cancellations from happening? Well, keep reading and following me if you want to find out exactly just how to do that! I used to be the king of cancellations when I first started!

First off, ask yourself this question, do you fully understand the process of selling door to door? Because if you do then should you be getting any cancellations?! You simply do not understand the process! You are strong-arming your customer to get the sale that by the end of the day the customer just ends up canceling. Strong arm means that you make your pitch and the customer still is not interested and you move forward in how great the product is and press on them to purchase the product. Instead, of just leaving your card with them so they can make an educated decision based on your powerful presentation. They end up taking the sale because they were strong-armed and basically they just want you to leave their property. For example; the roof that the customer has no issues and the rep keeps selling and the customer begins to get annoyed. That’s when the customer decides that in order to shut the person up they take the sale and then cancel it. Another example; sales rep may say that their roof may cave in five years and they just do not leave and are persistent in their product that they strong arm the customer into making the purchase. Then afterward the customer cancels. This is just one reason why customers cancel. Also, you rush through paperwork!

Reassuring the customer is an essential stage that will not lead up to cancellations. You want the customer to be confident that they made the right decision. Giving them all the reasons why they should get what you have to offer and just how much it benefits them now and in the long term. Discuss with them in your presentation just how the product will benefit them short term and long term. Bringing value to the product over the cost of the product. You can do this with any product that you are selling! Roofing, security, solar etc. Knowing your features and how they apply to your customer will reassure the customer that they are making a wise investment now and in the long run. You can learn more about the reassuring process in my free three video series on this site. Just sign up and you can have the process in full detail.

If’s are huge! Are you open to the possibility that someone can break into your home? Are you open to the possibility that scorpions can bite your kids? These are questions you ask the customer if your selling security or home automation and in the second case if you are selling pesticide. There is so much more than customers can consider when you are selling any kind of product. For example; what if your roof caved in five years? Are you open to the possibility of having an inexpensive, amazing product that can relieve some of that future burden of having a new roof put in? The key is for you to get the customers to sell themselves in so that way they will be satisfied with the product and will not end up canceling. Build that trust factor with the customer! Agreeing with them and letting them know all the
benefits about your product for their particular circumstance! DO NOT STRONG ARM! Again, all of this is taught in my door to door mastery program. The program does not open all of the time. I give hours of content!

Leave me a comment! God bless you all! What a journey it has been mentoring and training! Close more sales at the doors and knock with passion! Peace!

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