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Is The Customer Always Right?

What’s up, everybody?! It’s your boy Paul Shakuri! Today it’s all about agreeing with your customer! Agreeing with what they say! Remember your entire goal is to not battle with the customer. And it is not to sell them your product and service! Although, for some that might be what you want because you may like the challenge but that should not be your goal. The money will come if you can produce results for your customers. What do I mean?! Well, if your customer can see eye to eye with you because you stick behind the product or service that you are selling and have energy and motivation when presenting to the potential customer, then you may get them to agree with you very quickly.

So, the key is to sell a product or service that you like, that you believe in, that you will be able to promote and sell. Sure, the money that you get as a result of selling door to door is a reward but trust me when I tell you that money is a by-product of doing the right thing. It really is, and I am going to repeat myself because this is how important it is, money is a by-product of doing the right thing. So,your ultimate goal is to figure out if your potential customer can benefit from what you have to offer. How can you impact that customers life with your product and or service? Some of you are thinking but Paul its pest control and I can’t really change their lives! This is not what I am saying! If your product can serve the customer in some way, can help alleviate some of the pressure that surrounds their daily lives, well then that’s what I mean by impacting the potential customer’s life.

Think about it! We all have stresses in our lives! We have work to go too, some may be laid off and are battling finance issues, there is so much that we don’t know that could be going on. Life is becoming more challenging, with inflation happening, hyperinflation, with the price of everything going up, not everybody will want to purchase what you have to offer. On that note, I want to discuss many comments about door to door sales. Many are saying that this profession is dead and that cold calling does not work anymore and that there are new ways of internet marketing. Well, I am here to tell you that everything works. Here is the honest truth! I am involved in internet marketing and I also used to sell door to door. I also train door to door salespeople. Here is why door to door selling still works! One main reason is that it is legal in many states. You have to research what the legalities are and then your ultimate goal at the end is to agree with the customer. They are always right! For example, if the potential customer says “I am not interested because I just don’t have the money,” your response will be to agree, “yes, I totally understand sir/madame, not a lot of people have money these days and you know acquiring my product or service for some may think that it will cost a lot of money and I don’t blame you because it really would! But let me ask you this quick question, how much would it cost for you to acquire my product and or service?” Most of the customers will answer with an “I don’t know.” Then you can break down your product into a presentation and break down the cost of the product or service. You see the reason why many people say they do not have the money to invest is that they don’t fully understand what it is you have to offer and how it will benefit them in their every day lives.

Your key objective and I need you to really understand this I enjoy doing what I do and you need to enjoy doing what you do, such as door to door sales. I have mastered the art of door knocking and I love giving and teaching the information to all of you who are seeking guidance. This is what I love to do and it doesn’t pay as much as what I used to get paid to knock on doors. If you want to learn more from A-Z then you need to invest in my Masterd2d.com and you can take a look at the program and what I have to offer. Recruiting, your pitch, rebuttals are all in that program. If you want to learn how to master door to door sales all in one place then invest in that program.

Reverting back to the main topic at hand, agree with your customer. Always agree! Build the value of what you have to offer so the customer can see eye to eye with how great your product and or service is. Take my Masterd2d.com program, I am confident and have build value to the program. I know how my program will benefit all sales reps, business owners and so forth. So, you need to build value too and be confident. If the customer disagrees you need to understand why they are disagreeing. Explain how your product will benefit them in their lives and give some examples by giving some scenarios. Thank the customer for their time and give them a business card so they can contact you in the future. The question you need to ask yourself is are you trying to just sell to make that sale? Or are you here because you believe in your product and you want to have an impact on someone’s life?

I love you all and I want to see you all succeed, I truly do! If you have a chance to make a comment and keep them coming. Never lie to your customers, take care of them and remember the customer is right and then show them that their thinking is right. Talk to them about possible solutions. “Right or wrong, the customer is always right.”-Marshall Field

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