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Live Opener Pitch Door To Door Mastery

What’s up everybody!? Paul Shakuri here with door to door mastery! Do you want to get more sales door to door? Do you want to learn about the opener pitch? First, watch this video that is specifically geared towards the opener pitch when your selling door to door. And second, I have a link where you can grab my full three-day free video series! I’m going to teach you everything that I know from A to Z of the whole process of your opener pitch to your building up, your features, your benefits, your clothing attire and more. So click on that link!

To begin, no matter what it is you are selling! I don’t care if its home security, home automation, if its solar pest control, or HVAC. None of these products have relevance to how your opener pitch is constructed. What’s important for you to understand about your opener pitch is that its not about finding the right words to use to convince your customer to say yes. The majority of door to door sales people go out there and they say random words, difficult words to try and get the customer to engage with them, to try and get them to say, “yes I want this product.” Is this way of practice considered ethical? Now, most individuals believe that door to door sales might be an unethical practice, when in fact, you can go door to door and sell ethically. How you ask? By treating the concept of door to door sales in the appropriate manner;

 Understand why you are selling the product
 Show them what your product can do
 Show them what your service can do
 Handling situations the right way
 Offer exceptional service

I’m here to tell the customers and home owners who actually are watching this video that I know many dedicated, honest people who knock for a living on doors. Who are really looking for other like minded individuals to pass on what it is they are selling at the door, to give them a phenomenal product and or service. The reason why I am mentioning this is to reiterate my point about selling ethically because so many homeowners and customers view sales reps as scum bags or liars. This is why many sales rep gets the constant “I’m not interested, don’t want it, thank you very much, I appreciate it but…” I want all sales reps to take a moment and think why this is happening! You must understand its reason of occurrence in order to come up with a solution. The reason why you actually are getting these results is because you sound like a typical sales person. People don’t want to open the door to some random stranger and just be sold. Do you introduce yourself? Do you introduce your company? Do you start blabbing more, while the customer is coming back to you and engaging? There’s a difference between blabbing and engagement. Your ideal goal here is to connect with that potential customer. When they open the door it is unknown if they are going to do business with you right away. Your goal is to build engagement, “hi are you the owner of the property here, just a really quick question for you, I don’t know if you have seen a bunch of our trucks our company out here in your neighbourhood, have you heard about some of there recent…? And then you start talking about some of the recent work you have done out there. No matter what your selling, people are going to be giving people reasons as to why they want you gone. You overcome this obstacle by starting to generalize the purpose as to why your out there.

Based on your opener pitch the customer will determine if they think of you as a typical salesperson. Once you take a step back and communicate with the homeowner and agree with their reasoning to their objection or rejection (example: “I don’t blame you as to why you’re not interested, can I ask you why you are not interested out of curiosity?”) and find a solution. you can come back at them in a fun and positive way with a solution to their problem.

Sales people need to come up with a solution to their problem. Getting them interested is the first step of the process, it’s the opener pitch!

Smash that subscribe button and don’t be afraid to comment on the video! Make sure you grab my free video series where I go over hours of contents on the entire process of how to master each of those steps on my door to door mastery series. Happy knocking out there!

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