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How to Get them Interested in Listening to You When Selling

What is going on everyone?! It is Paul Shakuri here with another blog! Today we are going to be discussing a question from Facebook. The question arises quite often and it is “how do you get straight to the point with your customers and push through to the in-house presentation?

Many people believe that door to door sales people are a bunch o scammers, someone who rips off individuals. I am here to tell you that there are great salespeople and horrible salespeople. I want to teach every single individual who wants to master the art of door to door one of the most important rules to abide by in the profession. That is, it is important to not steal or cheat your customer. You must sell ethically. If you can go out there and believe that customers can benefit what you have to offer, well then, you will be able to close more sales. If you’re just starting at sales and you feel like that slimy salesperson at the door, that feeling is normal but can be turned around if you sell ethically.

Christian G. says he just closed his second sale and has been using my social media accounts as a guide. He continues by saying he needs to shorten down his chit-chatting with the customers. He had his second sale on Monday and it took two hours to sign. I am here to tell you that is fine. First off, you have to see if you are chit chatting about nothing and are progressing within the sale. Are you trying to grind the customer to get the sale? There are a lot of people that try and do that! I personally do not do that. I am not looking for people that I can force to buy or take me up on my offer. Just like my Masterd2d.com program. Instead, I focus on building that value of what I have to offer. Building that trust and likeability and provide the customer with the benefits of the product or service to build value. You have to show them why their lives can change if they acquired your product or service. You need to focus on this and it should be the reason as to why you are selling. You need to personally ask yourself if you yourself would purchase the product. You are going out there and informing clients that they can get an amazing deal by doing business with you.

Most of the time when people go out there, they tend to sound like a salesperson. Constantly, pitching, smiling and being loud and stating fact after fact. You have to knock on the door, stand back, not talk or act like a salesperson. Of course, there thought process coming to the door is that you are a salesperson, however, you can knock that perception out of the window with the opener pitch. And this is not unethical! Marketing is what it is and the one thing that the mass majority have in common is the way we absorb and process what is in front of our eyes. You need to be differen when selling door to door.

When the customer answers the door, you can start off by asking if the customer is the property owner and ask them a couple of questions. Engage with the customer. You do not want to sound scripted. When you are engaging and discussing you will start communicating on a more personal level. How do to become better at engaging with customers and being more likable? Well, every single door helps. It is baby steps and every door you knock on prepares you for the next door. Be patient and know that it will come on every single door. The fundamental principle’s of knocking on doors is universal. You have to create interest, knowing the times you have to knock on the doors, know how to socially engage with your customer, know your features and benefits, building value for your product and or service, closing the sale. My Masterd2d.com program is universal! It is very similar in different ways. I have knocked in the US and Canada and used the principals in both demographic areas. I highly suggest you take me up on the resources that I have offered. I teach the fundamental principles on how to close more sales and in selling the right way and the ethical way.

Thank you so much for reading along with this blog post! Keep on communicating with me and sharing your goals and endeavors. Knock with passion and remember “If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.” -Henry Kravis

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