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Sales Pitch Door to Door Doesn’t have to be perfect Here’s Why

Welcome everyone to another important topic to discuss! Today we are going to be taking a deeper look into the opener pitch. What I mean by a deeper look is simple. I mean that your opener pitch does not have to be perfect and I am going to give you the exact reason as to why it does not have to be perfect. I am focussing on the opener pitch because I have been getting many comments that the opener pitch is not working for many people. “Paul, can you correct my opener pitch? My pitch isn’t working? Is my pitch perfect? How should I start my opener pitch?” They are looking for an answer on how to close that sale by altering their opener pitch in a specific way or say that magic phrase to make it happen.

I am here to tell you this when I pitch at the doors it is never the exact same thing over and over again. When I was in my peek state, closing one in every three homeowners, that being in security sales, I found that I was making a lot of money but at the same time I was developing my opener pitch. Now, this may sound surprising to many, but it wasn’t the way I was saying the opener pitch that led me to those sales, it was instead of how I was feeling at that particular moment at those doors. My pitch was not perfect I can attest to that! There are some things that you do have to follow to close those sales but there is one big pointer that I did that you could do instantly today to close those sales! I had the BELIEF! I believed in myself. Do you believe in yourself when you go out there knocking door to door? Do you wake up believing you will close accounts today? This is where people fail! They have a mindset where it limits them from seeing themselves as a being that can attain what they are set out to accomplish. Folks if you do not have a belief in yourself then you will not succeed and that is one of the key points and qualities needed in door to door sales. Believing in yourself with one hundred percent certainty that if you went out today you would be able to close one deal! Would you scour the neighborhood? “Now Paul I understand that, but what is the perfect pitch I have to have at those doors?” You don’t have to have that perfect pitch at the doors! That perfect pitch for you is different from that perfect pitch for me, for Brenda, for Brad, for Steve.

No matter what, you are you are going to close more sales so long as you learn that door to door sale is an art. You have to get excited and believe in what it is you do, what it is you sell and what it is you have to offer. It is not about the pitch. It is about the engagement. What happens when you knock on the door and all you do is shrug your shoulders. You have to engage. If the customer doesn’t engage with you, do not take it personally! Move to the next door with as much enthusiasm as you had with the previous door. The next door is not going to be like the first door! This goes both ways. If you get a sale at the first door it doesn’t mean you will instantly get sale after sale or it doesn’t mean that the neighborhood is good turf! What’s changed is you! What has changed is how your pitch has changed. You need to become a better you and how you do this is to rate yourself from a level of one to ten. How empowering are you at those doors in presenting your product today?

I don’t want you to worry because your perfect pitch is going to come to you! Until next time! Peace!

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