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Door 2 Door Sales: Shaping Up Your Sales Team

What is going on door to door mastery fans?! Welcome! Today, we have jammed pack information for sales managers and for sales representatives. Let’s begin by focusing on what shapes your sales team and what actually makes a good salesperson. For those of you who already have my MasterD2D.com program, you already know my modules outline and cover what makes a good salesperson. I basically get you to set your goals and go through your opener pitch to your closing pitch. Everything is there in the program! For those of you who are interested, I urge you to purchase the program as soon as it is available to you. The mastery program has helped many people and yes, I am pushing it on my blog because it has done so much for me and for my fellow members. I love creating opportunities for others and I have put about nine years of my time door knocking and now can help other people fulfill their dreams and reach success in their career.

So, what makes a good salesperson? You need to know what makes a good salesperson before shaping up your sales team! First, you need to take a look at the bigger picture, for some salespeople, they are able to catch on to the concept of door to door sales immediately and get those sales instantly. We must understand why! When I began door to door sales, I was not the best at the profession and this was and still is normal. You must stick in with it and learn what works best for you. I have seen every single personality type in this profession and the common ground of which they had was that they stuck with door to door sales and did not quit.

Furthermore, there is no “secret sauce” to mastering door to door sales! However, there is a formula that is used and well known by the top salespeople in the industry. The formula begins by getting comfortable! You have to know your steps! The challenge comes when you knock on those doors! Most of you know what I am talking about. The comfort level is difficult to maintain but the more you go out there and do it, the better you become. You need to repeat the steps over and over again to build that comfort level. I want you to understand that you need to learn the steps but also you need to not fall into the trap of thinking that just because you know the steps and are getting those sales you are home free. You have to keep building your knowledge and developing your personal self. For those of you who do not knock on a door because someone else has already knocked on there, this does not mean that you skip that door! NO! You must keep knocking on those doors. Don’t make excuses, you must knock on each and every door that is available to you. For business owners, you want salespeople that are committed and are willing to put in the effort when i comes to door to door sales.

The longer you commit yourself to this profession, the more successful you will become and you will learn the steps and so much more. You need to learn the steps and keep in mind these steps are not a secret and they are known and made known to everyone. You just need to become familiar with the steps so you can learn them and master them. Isn’t it interesting why professional sports teams’ higher coaches to train the team members to become better athletes? They show them ways how to play better! Door to door sales is no different! My coaching technique teaches you several strategies that get ou to close more sales when selling door to door.

I briefly gave you a general idea of what it takes to become a top salesperson in the industry and that is a person who is not a quitter and is committed. This is the person who you want to hire onto your sales team and how you grow your sales team is through repetition. The top salespeople have a higher closing ratio compared to when they first started because of repetition. Top salespeople have a higher ratio because they also knock on more doors. This job is about acquiring the proper mental state to deal with the job. Building that mental state and physical state and developing that personal self to be able to go through that formula and build that relationship with the customer. In my MasterD2D.com program, I also train and teach how to hire and recruit. You need to hire on salesperson at a time. People want to grow fifty, hundred and yes large business models work on that but for the smaller business, grow it just at one person at a time. When you recruit that person, take time with them and shape that person. There is no coincidence that the majority of salespeople that do well with this business come from a disciplinary background such as military and so on. The largest companies actually attract people with high discipline. These people know that if they have an off day, they realize instantly that the day is just one day and that tomorrow will be a new day and will have a better outcome. You must bring positivity to your team. Make it a strong powerhouse of success and make sure that everyone respects the product, the people and the company. People who are negative all the time and do not want to knock on the doors are a recipe for disaster.

You have to make every single day fun! For the year-round program have a summer program. This will keep people excited for those few months. You can get creative with all the activities you can do during this time. Be creative as a manager, find out and learn how to make your sales team enjoy the day and the challenge. Talk about how you can boost their sales as a manager, invest in your sales team and take them out. For those managers out there, you must start thinking like a business person. Turn your team into a successful, positive, door knocking powerhouse. Do not focus on the number, focus on the stamina that is brought to the table! You need to build that stamina, build that mental state and not quit. You need to have that mental state where you need that sale, you need to help that homeowner out and you need to gain that customer so your company can grow, you can grow and everyone can be happy.

Finally, once your salesperson begins to succeed in door to door sales allow them to open doors to others. My best recruits came from the people that I have recruited. This is huge because the new salesperson has a connection and can be mentored by his/her pal. The business will then grow and before you know it you have ten to fifteen sales rep who have recruited friends, family, neighbors. Make sure you reward your salespeople for the recruitment. Understand that spending little money to make money and to make a person happy is how you grow your sales team. Let this cycle continue and do not get burnt out! Now, what I mean by that is that sleep is extremely important. For all of those salespeople and managers out there you need your sleep. You can drink as many energy drinks as you would like but sleep is essential to succeed in this business. Healthy eating, healthy sleeping and having a healthy mental state are all key ingredients to success!

I want to end this blog post with a bang! When it comes to learning an important skill, you want to learn from the master! Don’t forget to leave a comment and take your door knocking to that next level. Thank you for following along! Have a great day! Peace!

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