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Spouse Objection: How To Overcome Selling D2D

Welcome to another door to door mastery?! Today we are going to tackle the spouse objection and how to overcome it! Or should we even overcome it?! Now I understand that many of you are getting either the wife or the husband who answers the door. Many times you will get “well I need to check with my husband.” How many times have you been through an entire sale and the customer is like “well I need to check with my spouse?!”

First off I want to bring up the fact that there are different cultures. Some come from East Indian or Arabic backgrounds and so forth. I have noticed in some cultures the husband makes all the decisions. Now there is nothing wrong with this but you need to identify and understand different cultures. I know in the Hispanic culture it can go that way as well or it can go the other way where the husband and wife can make the decision on there own. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to forget about these customers and just move on. Leave them your business card for one. Most importantly, understand that this does exist and scenarios such as these do occur. You must be able to identify with the different cultures that exist today. Acknowledge their existence!

Of course, you may get those customers who may not want your product and use the excuse that they still have to check with their spouse prior to making a deal with you. Well, the reason why you get this often is that it is a simple out for them. Perhaps they think you can leave a card and come back at a later time. Now, in order for you to come up with a solution to the spousal objection is to identify the problem. You may have piqued their interest with the product, however, they are scared to make the decision because if they made a poor decision, a decision that just wasn’t right, such as a longer contract or a higher rate of what you offered, they do not want to be wrong. So what they will do is say they will check with there spouse because they are scared to make the decisions. Not the case all the time, however, in those cases throughout my experience I have turned almost all of these scenarios into a sale.

First off, agree with what the customer says and move forward. If the customer tells you they are not ready to make the decision right now because their spouse is not present, then you simply respond by understanding their predicament and share your respect and then leave them with some information to better clarify with the spouse of what the offer was exactly. I want you to think about having in the back of your mind the spousal objection and to build value and confidence with the person you are talking with at that moment so they will be confident in making a deal with you. Understand the complete value is not built then and there on the spot. It still takes time to build value. In my free video series, I teach you everything from A-Z. Leave a comment and ask as many questions as you have. Keep following me as I have a lot of cool content coming out.

Thanks for following along and reading over how to overcome the spousal objection. It is in understanding that we build knowledge! So identify the different cultures within your turf and make those sales today! Until next time! Peace!

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