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What To Sell Door To Door | Is it to make money? Choose Wise

My single advice to everyone i teach when selling door to door is sell what you believe in. Now before you jump too quick and go sell the first thing you enjoy selling, there is one more thing you need to know.

Figuring out what to sell is very important in your door to door sales career. The reason for this is because there is a certain combination you must have in order to do well at it.

  1. You Must Sell What You Stick Behind
  2. The Compensation Must Be Higher Than A Regular Job
  3. Your Building A Brand or Creating Awareness

You Must Sell What You Stick Behind

Personally i am not a jewelry type of person,altho i used to be…  however a really good friend of mine Elie is. As a matter of fact his sister owns a jewelry company and he recently became a member of my Door To Door Mastery program to help promote his sisters company Door to Door. When Elie came to me and we jumped on a coaching call, he was 100% behind what his sister was selling. From the material to the look he was excited every time he talked about it.

For many years of my door to door career i sold home security systems door to door. Door to door sales is the number one thing i stood behind because the demand for alarms was at an all time high when the economy was booming. If someone were to break into a house, the police would get called and a loud siren would go off in the house. Best of all the customer had very little to no upfront cost except a monthly bill. This made sense to me and i stood behind the product.

The Compensation Must Be Higher Than A Regular Job

When selling door to door you need to understand that its not going to be the most fun of jobs especially when starting off. Many people message me and tell me Paul that is not true i love what i do selling door to door. I too feel this way but believe it or not if you were given the opportunity to have a ton of people come to you and want what you had to offer, don’t tell me you wouldn’t choose that over door to door. The realities are however life just doesn’t work that way. Door to door is extremely efficient because your not waiting for a potential customer to come to you, your seeking the customer. Being that the nature of the job is such, especially when starting off the rejection could be fairly high, you need a job that pays high selling door to door so that when you finally get your first sale, your negativity gets wiped away in the money you just made.

Many people are selling toys door to door. The problem with that is the margins, the markup ! there is not much markup for the owner to pay the seller enough. In my intensive studies of door to door sales reps, those with a lower commission structure tend to quit faster than those with a tremendous upside to the product or service they are selling. To sum it all up, find a job that pay a lot like Home Security, Solar or even pest control.

Your Building A Brand or Creating Awareness

Your a new mechanic shop in thorn and you need clients to know your in business. How about a local sushi restaurant, you want people to come taste your food so that they can be repeat customers. Building brand awareness and letting people know you are now in business is a wonderful venture for door to door sales. If you are selling door to door to create awareness, money on the spot is not your goal. Although many people will sell discounted packages door to door to create brand awareness, normally hiring a sales team to do this job is most effective. Coupons for auto repair are very common with this method. Another common type of business is local salons offering more than they would normally offer with door to door packages because they want to prove to you by losing a little at first in order to gain your awareness that they are a good solid company and in business. These offers are win win for both the buyer and the seller.

Regardless of where you are at in your door to door career, i am confident that i can help take you and your sales team to levels that you deserve. Feel free to book me for a coaching call to determine if i can help your sales organization grow !

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