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Two Door to Door Rebuttals and How to Overcome Them!

In this video, we will be discussing two rebuttals, what they mean, and how to overcome them. It’s very important to understand the fundamentals of the two rebuttals. Why the customers are telling you what they are telling you. A Manager or friend or door knocking partner tells you to just say this phrase or that line and you’ve implemented it. Well, does it work for you? Have you gotten sales after saying the key phrase that you’re supposed to say? From my experience, in a rebuttal, a key phrase will most likely not work. You could view rebuttals as signs. You need to zone in and understand why potential customers are saying what they are saying. Let’s talk more about it… Rebuttal 1: Can’t afford it! How many times do you get people who simply say they cannot afford the item or product you are selling? Why are people …

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How D2D Sales Changed My Life

Like many others i graduated only to  ask, Whats Next? I majored in Business-Marketing and thought to myself i was going to be the next big asset to a large firm that would pay me a high 6 figure income in return for taking their company to the moon. Little did i know after graduation that wasn’t the case. Hey Paul we would like to bring you on board and start you off at $30,000 a year. I then got offers as such: 21,000/year 32,000/year 18,000/year  and this list goes on. Wait a second here (scratch my head) i have always been good at sales, the top sales person at every sales job i ever had. Market a companies product that had a brand and money to put behind it could only mean i can generate millions for them, and here I’m only getting 18-32k in one year? F that …

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What To Sell Door To Door | Is it to make money? Choose Wise

My single advice to everyone i teach when selling door to door is sell what you believe in. Now before you jump too quick and go sell the first thing you enjoy selling, there is one more thing you need to know. Figuring out what to sell is very important in your door to door sales career. The reason for this is because there is a certain combination you must have in order to do well at it. You Must Sell What You Stick Behind The Compensation Must Be Higher Than A Regular Job Your Building A Brand or Creating Awareness You Must Sell What You Stick Behind Personally i am not a jewelry type of person,altho i used to be…  however a really good friend of mine Elie is. As a matter of fact his sister owns a jewelry company and he recently became a member of my Door …

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