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How D2D Sales Changed My Life

Like many others i graduated only to  ask, Whats Next? I majored in Business-Marketing and thought to myself i was going to be the next big asset to a large firm that would pay me a high 6 figure income in return for taking their company to the moon. Little did i know after graduation that wasn’t the case. Hey Paul we would like to bring you on board and start you off at $30,000 a year.

I then got offers as such:

  • 21,000/year
  • 32,000/year
  • 18,000/year 

and this list goes on. Wait a second here (scratch my head) i have always been good at sales, the top sales person at every sales job i ever had. Market a companies product that had a brand and money to put behind it could only mean i can generate millions for them, and here I’m only getting 18-32k in one year? F that is what i said ! There comes a point in ones life where you have to know what your worth, what you will settle for and where you are at in your life !

It wasn’t until a family friend said Paul, i can get you in this large firm that will pay you 35k/year and its a start ! work your way up and you will be set. Well i had graduated and i would be working with a family friend so hey, ill give it a go. 9-5 in Edmonton Alberta working for a large company called North Gate Industries ! If your reading this from canada and know the cold weather in Edmonton, Yes -60 degrees Celsius with windchill, not a pretty site ! so i did it only to find myself miserable, not going anywhere. I held off for a year until i was promised my next big raise. I did everything that was asked of me ! Paul come into my office please ! My boss looked at me and said Here is the raise as promised.

I went from Making $35,000 to 36,500 Per year ! hahahahahahah in my head I’m like F that, I’m out !

Keep in mind, I’m an entrepreneur ! the sound of a “steady” job scares the living crap out of me ! to be making that for the next year, only to get that slow progress i would die and not hit my goals ! What if after 5 years they decided to let me go ? hahahah no way ! not for me. So as expected yes i quit after finding my first Door to door sales job selling natural gas and electricity for a company called “Direct Energy

Off the bat i did phenomenal ! i was nervous a bit to knock on doors to start because here i am a business graduate knocking on doors ? Whats your excuse ? i hear so many times i don’t know if i can do it ! A business graduate who saved up all his money to pay off his schooling knocking on doors ? Get angry, get mad, get sales ! Be friendly that was my motto ! mentally psych myself up to go out there and push through that emotional feeling of “Me ? Knock on doors?

So from there i got into alarms ad decided i was going to make a career out of it. It took me some time to master the art ( 6 months full time ) but i did it. I started off talking to 50 homeowners to get a sale, working down to 1 in 3 homeowners in my prime. Door to door sales is all about psyching yourself up to get out there and get the job done. If your in a summer program right now selling, you have to be focused on nothing but that next sale ! do not worry about all the other things that will run through your head as it does not matter. Focus on finding that next sale and pumping yourself up to go out there and get it! Determination, motivation and nothing but a kick ass attitude will get you there.

Because i stuck in with it, to date i was able to:

  2. Manage a sales team of over 200 sales reps
  3. Get Married
  4. Make a high six figure income year after year
  5. Travel and stay in the best hotels
  6. Teach others what stopped me from succeeding
  7. Open my own security company
  8. Invent my own industry software
  9. Partner with a friend in owning my own internet marketing firm
  10. Provide for my family
  11. Buy my own BMW 750li baller ride
  12. Purchase my own 4000 sq foot home
  13. Trade the stock market with a large account to start
  14. Be net worth almost half of my lives goals
  15. Donate and feed those in need
  16. Help family and friends mentally and financially
  17. Have my own Membership product where i generate passive income
  18. Be the host of 2 podcast radio shows

all this and much more all because i was committed to mastering door to door sales. If your determined to make it work, i know that i can help you achieve any of these from my list so long as your really willing to work at it. I know you thought of quitting, we all have ! The ones that stick in with it and push through are the ones that reap the greatest rewards. This is why i teach only sell to those that respect what you have to offer. Look for those people, learn how to engage, interact and create interest in what you have to offer. I believe in you ! Do you ?

Im taking this program to the next level ! If you want to Join me and take your life to that next level then be ready to work your ass off learning this stuff ! its not hard at all, it just takes learning what works, then staying focused to repeat ! Ba Bamm baby !!

Get started today like many other door knockers around the world who have already joined my door to door mastery program before its too late and you QUIT ! Don’t Do it ! i would have regret it !

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