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Two Door to Door Rebuttals and How to Overcome Them!

In this video, we will be discussing two rebuttals, what they mean, and how to overcome them. It’s very important to understand the fundamentals of the two rebuttals. Why the customers are telling you what they are telling you. A Manager or friend or door knocking partner tells you to just say this phrase or that line and you’ve implemented it. Well, does it work for you? Have you gotten sales after saying the key phrase that you’re supposed to say? From my experience, in a rebuttal, a key phrase will most likely not work. You could view rebuttals as signs. You need to zone in and understand why potential customers are saying what they are saying. Let’s talk more about it…

Rebuttal 1: Can’t afford it! How many times do you get people who simply say they cannot afford the item or product you are selling? Why are people telling you they cannot afford your product or service? ninety percent of the people that I’ve sold too told me that they cannot afford what I have to offer. So let’s think about why they are saying this! Who wants to tack on another monthly bill? They are saying this because they are not extremely wealthy. If you look at what’s happening in society, the middle class is getting stretched out more and more every day. We are put on credit. Maybe you know someone in particular who is stretched out on credit. Do they have the money that will enable them to buy another product or item? Is it the truth that the person your speaking too really can’t afford what you are offering? I will tell you, it is not true! They do not want to see themselves paying another monthly bill out of there pocket. Now, rebuttal two goes hand in hand with rebuttal one. Let’s take a closer look at rebuttal two…

Rebuttal 2: Not interested! Why are people not interested and cannot afford it? Because you haven’t done your job enough to explain what you’re doing and why you are doing it. People have set money aside that they can afford to spend a certain amount every single month. The question is can they see themselves having your product? If your able to show them why they should buy your product and the positive outcome of the product you will see them justifying why it’s a good idea to purchase it. If they see more benefits with your product, if they like you, trust you, then they will want to do business with you.

So let’s recap! Can they afford it? “I understand you can’t afford it and no one likes another monthly bill, let me ask you this… all money aside and you acquiring the product and accepting my offer, what’s your mortgage rate, your mortgage is fifteen hundred bucks a month right now, say your landlord knocks on your door and says your mortgage is going up. Would you be able to afford the mortgage or rent?” You begin to condition in their mind that this guy is trying to figure out an answer. When you get that yes they wouldn’t leave their house if there rent or mortgage went up, then the truth comes out and they can afford it. You have to, in turn, find a solution and find the value of acquiring the product. I can justify it because I know the details of everything this security system can do for the customer. Now the sales rep must make sure the customer will see eye to eye what I see. If they don’t see eye to eye they will not buy your product.

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