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Become Better At Selling Door To Door Tips And Pointers

Hey, so what’s up my door knocking fans!? Today I would like to talk about some important tips and pointers. Some of you are asking how to become better door knockers. In order to become better at door knocking you must realize that its more than just one or two things, you need to do. Sometimes I get people that ask what exactly it will take to become a better door knocker or sometimes they ask what they must say at the doors after knocking. Door knockers fail because they think its one specific thing that they must do or say at the doors to get them to close more sales. In order to master door to door sales, there are small things you must accomplish. Getting obsessed with closing sales every single day, coming home with a deal will make you get better.

You have to understand that in order to close more sales you have to have a set goal in mind. What are you ultimately doing door to door sales for? I chose to do door to door sales following my dancing career. Yes, I used to dance for the ladies! When I was younger I chose to get into the door to door sales business because of money. I heard so many people share information on how much their income increased and I thought, “hey well I could increase my income.” Even double it! I had friends who told me they were making decent money. However, money is not and should not be the only thing that will get you to master door to door sales. For the longest period of time, I thought money would be my motivator. You have to know why you’re doing it, money was the first thing. Secondly, I wanted to open up a business. I wanted to open up an import and export business. I went out there and purchased what I thought was a GPS unit. I noticed that the new GPS units were used in jobs, in cars…I thought it was going to be huge. I thought all I had to do was make a bunch of money and sell them and make money from that. So I ordered my first GPS unit online and waited and waited. I ordered it and after a month I go to the guy and I ask him when the damn GPS unit was coming in. I then realized I got scammed. At that point I thought do I really want to get into the import, export business? I then thought I will save my money and risk building those partnerships and relationships in the future.

Once you know exactly why you are doing what you’re doing you have to revert back to the reasons why you started door to door sales. I wanted to become a better business person. I wanted to go into the economy from business to business and get people to buy and purchase my products and services. So why are you knocking on doors? What’s your motivation or reason? Let me know! You need a bigger goal to master the art of door to door sales. Everyone ultimately masters it so long as you really understand why you’re knocking on those doors. So set a goal today and knock with passion!

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