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Become a Better Knocker By Following These Mind Rules

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri and today we are going to uncover HOW TO BECOME A BETTER SALESPERSON when knocking on doors.  I compiled a List together of things you guys have to instantly start doing today in order to become a better salesperson! And of course, I mean TODAY! Not tomorrow, not two weeks from now but today! 

First off, thank you for following my blog.  I don’t take that lightly! I take all my followers to heart and I feel that I need to get all of you the Quality content you need to get you to close more deals at those doors.  Also, understand that it’s more than just about closing deals and making money at the doors! I cannot just provide you with the right words to use when venturing out door to door.  If that were the case and scripted sales techniques worked then everyone will be really wealthy in this profession! However, it is not the case! You cannot just buy a script and read it over and over again to close more deals.  Think about it, if it were the case then why is it not out there? It’s not necessarily just in what you say! As a matter of fact, the successful door to door sales person is a result of what you say, what you do, your mental capacity, how you feel, how you present yourself, what you do to overcome objections, rejection, and rebuttals and understanding what’s going on at that moment in time!

  1. The importance of building yourself up! So many of you that have been reaching out to me have shared the lack of consistency on your sales.  Now, I am not here to put you down but to provide feedback to correct the problem with your approach to door to door sales.  I ask you, how important is building your self-esteem up? Of course, the majority of response is that it is important! But I want to ask you, how important is your self-esteem when you wake up in the morning?  How important are you? I am going to give you a peek inside my head! I wake up in the morning and I find all the reasons why I (Paul) is a very important person in life in general. You need to do the same for yourself.  Why are you important? The crap that goes through our minds that no one will want to buy from us and that we are not the best! This self-sabotage and not identifying of who we really are is very important and can affect your door knocking career, I promise you!  Now, if you have lied and cheated people you are going to have to work on those things before you become a better person, remember selling ethically is key as well! You need to wake up and ask yourself why it is an important day for you! You came from important people!  The more important you see yourself as being, the better you start to feel. Remember, sales are the transfer of feelings and emotions and if you want to succeed in this you need to build yourself up! Trust me on this! This view will start to change your entire life! How you close those deals, your relationships with family and friends!
  2. You need to learn to be the best at what you do and accept nothing less!  George a very good friend and mentor who is very successful commented on a post where someone said that no one wants to be below a two.  I agreed with the comment. You have to be absolutely, one hundred percent, number one and if you are not number one yet you aim for number one.  The goal to reach number one will push you to strive for high achievements and as a result, you will close more deals and reach a higher level of success!  
  3. Selling Ethically! Remember, you can’t reach a level of success if your lying or cheating customers. If you are not telling customers about cancellations and taking takeovers in an inappropriate manner, then stop following my blog.  I only have room to mentor those who sell ethically. There are some people that are at number one that I don’t view at number one because I always take a look at who is ethical and who is not. That’s why I always stand behind you who sell because I know there are customers who follow my blog and I want to reiterate that I teach door knockers how to ethically sell at the door.  Just take a look at my free three video series.
  4. Outperform Yourself!  Now, the best of you is not to compete with others but outperform yourself!  Outperform your best day, week, month! You will have a slump day and you have to face it!  Understand the number one reason people get in slumps and stay in them because they hit a pocket in their door to door sales day, week, or career and they start to forget what was working subconsciously. You tend to go out there and get the repetitive rejection and then you as an individual begin to change and you begin to move further away from your presentation mode.  You forget to push forward in a clean manner in order to do an in-house presentation. This is a huge reason as to why a lot of people get into slumps.
  • Write down five reasons why you actually deserve to become number one in door to door sales?
  • I have kids and they deserve to live an abundant and well-off life!  I choose to go above and beyond to go out there and do what others won’t normally do.
  • Another reason I deserve to become number one is that I outwork my competition.
  • I personally develop myself every single day!
  • I give back to other door to door salespeople.  I help train, teach others. Over 11000 door to door salespeople follows me consistently.

***NOTE: My door to door master program opens at particular times and then closes.  The reason for this is because it’s difficult to get to everyone with the large amounts of questions I am being asked.   Also, the Active Knocker program is being constantly updated and this program provides you with the ability to tag your homes and after that filter it.  If you’re a sales manager you can assign turf and manage what they are doing, build proposals and so much more. I am working really hard to provide quality content for those who deserve it!  For those of you who sell ethically!

Thank you for reading my blog and following along with the content I provide.  If I gained your respect, then grab my free video series. Until next time, live with passion and keep yourself with the highest mental state when selling door to door. Later!

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