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5 Reasons You Got a Door to Door Sale Today!

This video focuses on five reasons why you closed a sale today! I hope I got your attention!? I want you to close more sales at the doors! When customers getting their product or service and in turn, you will be able to feed your family! Also, on a side note, my teachings about door to door sales will be proven. So let’s begin!

  1. Knowing the process! You may know the process of how to schedule the job, the process of knocking on the door, getting in that comfort zone. Even though you know the process it doesn’t really mean you “know the process!” You see, the more sales you get the more you learn about the process. You are going to learn the process more as time progresses.


  1. It starts with a thought! You actually thought about going out and knocking on doors. Consistency is the key to mastering door to door sales! The consistent thought about knocking on doors! The more you knock on the doors the higher the sales. Once you begin to think about knocking door to door you can move towards the next phase of the process.


  1. Going out and actually knocking on doors! You go out and actually knock on doors. This is the most important part! You must knock on doors consistently


  1. You pushed through until you got to that sale! So many of you knock on doors until you get so frustrated to the point that you think it’s the end of the world. It’s challenging. I train people and let them know this process is typical for many people. The thought that they cannot do door to door sales. If you’re not pumped and excited and motivated every single day, then you need to find that inner self-motivation. How do you do it? Stream my videos. Watch them! I teach everything from A-Z. or click in the description. I actually have a link that can get you my free video series. Everything you need in order to close more sales at the door.


  1. You did not quit! You learned the process and you went out and knocked on doors! You pushed through and did not quit. To increase sales, you do it every single day. The more you do it the better you get every single day. You start with it, the thought in your mind you’re going to get out there and It doesn’t matter how many times you get beat up what matters is that you pick yourself up and keep on knocking door to door. Surround yourself with positivity! Surround yourself with people who want to master door to door sales.

Stream my videos on YouTube. Ask me questions whenever you feel like.

I’m here for your success at the doors. Are you willing to put the time and effort in closing those deals? if so enter your info on the sidebar to get my free video series if you haven’t already gotten it.



  1. How do you deal with cold weather! It seems difficult to get people to come out and talk.

    • Your speaking to the man who knocked in Edmonton Alberta Canada. So its awesome, you simply speak, peak interest and get into the house saying mind if I just step in… You have to know how its done. Not in a rude way, the right way because they want you in.. Ill Make a video … Peak interest, ask to explain more just right in the door… Most people are nice and will let you in if done right… Dont be weird at the doors.

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