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Must Consume For New Door to Door Sales People


What’s shaken door to door mastery fans!? Paul Shakuri with an in the car moment! I actually want to talk to you today about making more accounts being that it is summer. I get a lot of different complaints, some being that you’re not happy with where you want to be! “If only I knew what I should say at the doors to get the accounts!” Of course, I’m a strong believer that you have to know what you’re doing when selling door to door. I know so many people that know what they’re doing at the doors and still aren’t as consistent as I. Or consistent in business as I am. There still not as consistent or high producing as other people out there in the market. If your part of the door to door mastery program and part of the Facebook private group, you will see people such as Chaz Parks posting all the time about his deals, selling himself. He’s got what it takes! And you can have what it takes as well! But what is the key!?

  • What does it take to make or get more accounts?
  • What does it take to stay on top of you’re “A” game?
  • Where are you at?
  • Are you new?

You see the door to door salespeople tend to believe, or have a fixed belief that they are going to try it out to start! This is true, especially for new salespeople. They believe they can figure it out first. Try it out and see if they can make some money and close some deals. I am here to tell you right now that mentality will get you know where in the door to door sales or in life in general! This belief will especially get you nowhere in business because the door to door sales is like a business, it really is. You have to in the back of your mind say that with one percent certainty I’m going to master door to door sales and it isn’t until that point that you’re actually going to be on your way to learning on how to become a door to door sales person. Now to become a door to door sales person you have to learn how to handle objections, rejections, and most importantly control your emotions. Learn how to push forward throughout the sale because you’re going to get pushed back quite a bit.

On a further note, door to door sales is different than retail sales. You see, retail salespeople come to you because they are either looking or browsing for something. They somewhat have a thought inside their mind of what they may purchase. The opposite is found with door to door sales. With door to door sales you are cold calling, your knocking on the door and someone doesn’t necessarily want what you have at that given moment. That’s the key! They do not want what you have to offer at that given moment. You see we have to get people interested in what we are selling when we are getting rejected all the time. The question is…why are you getting rejected all of the time? Why are people stopping you from even talking and progressing? Why does it sound or feel like no one wants what you have to offer?

I’m going to uncover that in this video! You see when your pitching or knocking on doors and people are telling you that I’m not interested in what you have to offer, they actually do not like the concept of cold calling. Anything you do cold calling, either it is telemarketing or door to door sales you have to understand it’s the nature of the uncomfortable feeling that you are at there door. They usually have that uncomfortable feeling that you’re just a stranger at the door looking to take money away. That’s why they are not interested. However, out of every negative, there’s a positive. Once you learn how to understand that, accept it, then you can learn how to move forward in that process. Once you learn that that’s just a part of the process and you really believe that you can uncover how to build that trust with them at the door so that they finally come to you and say ok will I actually give you a chance.   Then at that moment you spark that interest and turn things around. How are you going to do that if you’re not excited to go out there and knock on a day to day basis? How are you going to do that if you start it off thinking I’m just going to try it out? Like anything new when you try something out you have to obviously give it some time to let your body your energy soaks it up and you actually learn it.

There are so many people who use my Alarm Dealership software FillQuick who are members of the door to door mastery program or just out there in general knocking on doors for companies that are very successful doing it. What are they doing that you’re not? I know the answer and through these videos’ that are upcoming I’m even going to share more information on what it takes to become a successful door to door sales person. Like this video and comment below. Stay subscribe to my YouTube channel. Peace!

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