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Must Consume For New Door to Door Sales People

  What’s shaken door to door mastery fans!? Paul Shakuri with an in the car moment! I actually want to talk to you today about making more accounts being that it is summer. I get a lot of different complaints, some being that you’re not happy with where you want to be! “If only I knew what I should say at the doors to get the accounts!” Of course, I’m a strong believer that you have to know what you’re doing when selling door to door. I know so many people that know what they’re doing at the doors and still aren’t as consistent as I. Or consistent in business as I am. There still not as consistent or high producing as other people out there in the market. If your part of the door to door mastery program and part of the Facebook private group, you will see people …

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New door to door sales reps fall off quick. Here is why!

What is happening door to door mastery fans!? Are you a brand new door to door sales person? Are you new to the door to door industry? Are you a manager? Perhaps you own your own business or you have it in the back of your mind that you want to grow your own business! Well, regardless of where your coming from this post is going to outline key points on why and how new door to door sales representatives fall off quick. To begin, we must understand the hiring process in order to understand how to maintain an energetic, effective, door to door sales rep. strategy. There are two different types of interviews for recruiting; 1. One on One interviews 2. Group interviews The one on one interviews are designed where you set up a time and date where the interview will take place. The pro of this form …

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