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Door to Door Sales Tips for Success

What’s up door to door mastery fans!? It is Paul Shakuri here with another door to door mastery video! This video is going to help you in advancing your career as a door knocker. Yes, a career! Believe it or not. You might be thinking, “I’m just out there trying to make money!” Or you may have established goals to make money for a particular project or item. Bottom line is your feedback’s have led me to provide you with the concept of surrounding yourself with successful individuals, in order to attain success both personally within your personal aspirations, and with work aspirations. There is no secret phrase that you say at the door to close more sales! No! As mentioned, it is about surrounding yourself with like-minded, successful people that will give you the tools and strategies every single day to become successful.

For example: If you go to the gym on a day to day basis and are surrounded by bodybuilders, who focus their time on building muscles and eating healthy your going to become like them. The same can be said about knocking door to door. If you are surrounded in the car by people who are going to turf and are just testing it out and have not taken account of their past door knocking failures and made some changes to their thinking or approach, then your thinking, your mind will be the same.

Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Now its time for you to take charge and take that leap, that step forward. For example: if you want to close more sales and be successful at it you first must find that energy! You must wake up with enthusiasm and excitement! You have to know why your knocking on doors and what your goal is! How much do you want to make weekly? That should be your first mindset. If you want a paycheck to go over a thousand dollars you need to understand how a paycheck will get there. You need to change the way you talk to people, change your communication skills. Learning how or what the process is when you’re talking to people when closing more sales.

So if you want to learn all of these and how to master the art of door to door sales then reach out to me and go over my material. There’s so much information I want to give to you. I create webinars, blog posts, and I also create videos that are from the feedback that I receive. You can grab my door to door mastery program and it will help you teachings. It’s about getting out there and having the drive. A lot of people are not excited to get out there in their daily lives. You only get excited when someone has the latest party to go too.

Another tip you can take from this video on how to increase your energy and focus is by juicing. I no longer have my cells being radiated and filled with toxicity. Go and Juice! I invested a lot into organic vegetables and got myself a juicer. I challenge every freak ‘in one of you to buy a high-end juicer. Go get vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, and juice the shiz out of that stuff. Drink that in the morning and try and implement that three times a day. It tastes delicious and it will give you unlimited energy and you won’t even need coffee anymore. This will give you energy if you implemented. When you feel great what do you think happens when knocking on doors?

So surround yourself with successful people! And get that energy!   Go to d2d.com, you can subscribe to my free video series if you haven’t seen that already. On the right-hand side, you can enter your name and email and ill send you my free video series. Thanks so much for your time and I will see you in the next video.


  1. Hey Paul, I love all of your knowledge you give and have found you very inspiring. I have gone through your blog posts, and am working through the rest of your site. I need and want to get the full program, but have no money to my name yet. I’ve been at my new career of an energy consultant for about 2 months now. Everyone is really positive and great to be around. I am struggling with closing deals and the general pitch. I’ve talked to everyone in my office about what they do to be successful, and try to implement that. The main thing they tell me to focus on is being able to get their bill. I think that I’ve gotten too much info, and have confused myself. I try to be myself and use their knowledge. My question is what would you say in your pitch if you sold energy. I seriously need help, and I’m frustrated with not being able to sell, and I don’t want to quit. I know that I can master this, I want to be the top sales person in my office. I’m serious about learning this and want to but your full program in order to progress even further and achieve my dreams and goals. I’d love if you’d be able to reach out to me.

    • Thanks and I love you for being amazing enough to work through the content. The full program is an elite program that will get you results, throw it on a card and pay for it in 30 days from the money you make from it.

      Focus on doing a presentation, and all the ways you can benefit the client. What I would say is not what will help you get sales, its learning how to verbally spare with the customer to get to the end goal, SIGNING ON THE DOTTED LINE…

      Sales is not say this and get that… Thats why your not where you want to be. However, I would let them know i’m here making an impact on the earth, how ? let me show you. I’ll have content that will help you out shortly as I bring more industry specific people onto the show so I can show you how to overcome your objections. My teachings teach you how to sell anything. Human psychology is predicative and since we are not lying to people, we have solutions that lead to sales which in return means PROFITS into your POCKET , ETHICALLy !

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