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Control Your Tonality Selling Door to Door

What is going on door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here! Today, I would like to discuss the importance of tonality. This topic is extremely important especially when you are selling door to door. People always ask me if they are supposed to sound lively, exciting or serious! Well, I want you to think what it would mean if you spoke in a monotone voice and did not add enthusiasm to your opener pitch! Just think about it! You spoke assertively and seriously. Now, I want you to think about speaking in the
same manner, however, add enthusiasm, become livelier! This will send a different tone depending on where and who you are speaking too. The importance is to be able to see the many different tones that can be used in door to door sales to better your approach to door knocking.

I am here to tell you that you need to use multiple tones. I hope you understand the importance as to why I am delivering this content to you! When you are selling you need to understand the following;

  1. You need to math who it is you are speaking too!
  • For example: If you are speaking to an elderly person you are going to want to speak in a timid manner because you are mirroring, you are shadowing that person.

Now although you always want to be extremely polite and respectful to the person you are speaking with, you have to be careful not to be overly nice and fake when you are speaking to the potential customer. You want to begin in an assertive manner. “Hello Sir, are you the homeowner? I have a quick question, I had a couple of guys that were in the area working in the neighborhood…” You say this in a serious and assertive tone so the customer can see the professionalism and can take you seriously as a door to door sales representative when introducing your product and or service. That doesn’t mean if you are assertive you raise your voice and say “Hey Sir, I want to inform you of something…” and become rude to the customer. No! Being assertive to start means that you are serious, not rude or combative. And if you begin in a polite and serious tone it will build that trust and it will show a high amount of professionalism being displayed and the seriousness of the product and service you are promoting. If you use a tonality that is loud and over the top, the customer might not be attracted to that type of tonality and will not draw towards what you have to offer. Using the typical tag lines that sales reps may use can set you up for failure. Remember you do not want to use the tone of a “typical salesperson.”

As you begin to break the customer down and understanding and knowing the timeline to this phase where they become more comfortable with you, you can begin to break down and open up a relationship, friendship type of communication with that potential customer. “Now that we have been speaking for a couple of hours sir, I am super excited to show you this product/service and where it would go and how it would function for you. I am eager to tell you why it would work in that way and why my engineering team has engineered the products and services that we use for your benefit. It will take no longer than a couple of minutes, let me show you this real quick.” Not can I show you this real quick?

Now, saying all of this I want to thank you for following along and I want you to take advantage of my three free video series. Thank you so much and prepare yourself for more information to come in future blog posts. Peace!

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