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Test Drive Door to Door Sales, See How That Goes

Paul Shakuri here and I love you all for taking the time out of your day to read this blog and to invest time in learning the tools and strategies to excel in door to door sales. We are going to touch base on test driving door to door sales and how you cannot test drive door to door sales. So, if you are a manager or an owner you are going to want to listen up!

I have the answers on how to succeed in door to door sales from years of experience, close to nine years of hardcore knocking. I don’t mean just going out there and knocking, I mean hardcore knocking. Through these years I was able to take what I learned and now as an entrepreneur, I own a few businesses and am always in the middle of new projects. If you have a couple hundred thousand dollars in your bank account just sitting there, I urge you to take advantage of that and to invest in another business or in other projects. However, if you do not have a good cushion under your belt financially and career-wise then you need to stick to one profession until you perfect it and get to that level where you can invest and move to another project. A great example of this is door to door sales. Perfect door knocking! The profession itself opens doors to a variety of other professions that can take you to that next level and when I say next level, I mean it can help you advance towards a greater profession.

What happens when you test drive door to door sales? How much energy is a person going to put towards door knocking if they are just going to do a test drive on the profession? Let’s recap, energy is needed in door to door sales and in anything you do in life. Meaning if you put your maximum potential into something, you will most likely get an astounding result. The high achievers usually continue by adding more energy and effort towards their profession to gain an even greater result. However, for those that do not put energy and are just test driving, I ask you how do you expect to get results? You need to ask yourself before you go out there if door to door sales is something you want to pursue! I am asking you to think about this because I have experience and have trained thousands of door knocker’s and have seen many different situations arise.

Now, if I am doing something and not getting the results I want, then I have to change something to get the result I desire. Stop bashing your head against the wall! The answer is here! Add energy! Add your maximum potential! If I were to go and test drive to see if I am going to be able to fight Mike Tyson, do you think that is a good thought process? If I am going to fight Mike Tyson, I need to give it my all! I cannot test drive a fight with Mike Tyson! I need to put maximum potential in training, education in the sport, whatever it is, I have to give it my all! I use this example because I want you to ask yourself how is it different from door to door sales? How is it possible to test drive door to door sales and still exert maximum potential? The more you commit to something to more you put into it! I am here to tell you that at the end of the day you want to close that deal and that you want to win the customers loyalty!

I hate it when door to door sales reps get a bad name because people test drive door knocking and just quit. They test drive door knocking and realize that it doesn’t work and then just give the profession a bad name. Now there are those of you have had bad days or weeks where you have not gotten a sale yet. This means you just need the proper guidance and team to get you to where you need to be. Patience is important in this profession. Now, if you are on commission and door knocking is not covering the bills, then find a job that will cover the bills and that will still allow you to go out there and knock on some doors. How would you like to get out there and make 1500 bucks a week? Door to door sales is all about that and I have created my MasterD2D.com program for those of you who have not heard about the program. I also offer a free video series and in that free video series, you will get video one, which is the opener pitch. I also provide videos on features and benefits. I am here for all of you because I want you to succeed! I want you to close that sale! In video three I outline how to close those sales and in video four it is all about being part of the community. I want to give you a little taste of what happens at the doors. At the beginning when you start off you use a lot of fuel at the beginning. Why I want you to know this is because you need to be fit physically and mentally! Once you build that routine and rhythm where you take care of you and then allow that energy to be transferred to everything that you do, well you will get those results. You have to ace it every time! In order to learn and grow you have to put forth the energy, the time, accumulate the knowledge, search for resources and find mentors such as myself that can guide you through the process of door knocking. This information is priceless to door knockers!

I want to share a time when I was in my door knocking career and I wanted to quit and give up. What I learned was that I needed to learn how to adapt to my environment. I also learned that for some people it takes many years for them to learn how to adapt to their environment. Why I am sharing this is because if you choose to test drive door to door sales, well then you are going to fall on your face because door to door sales takes time to perfect. Door to door sales is an entirely different environment and in order to perfect it, you must adapt to the profession. For those business owners, if you hire individuals who have no experience in door to door sales, I am telling you they are test driving door to door sales. I have experience and I am not saying they are bad people! I have had many great people but they are in fact test driving door to door sales!

One of the main challenges is how to handle rejection and then picking yourself back up after a rejection. Door to door sales is not about people telling you to go “F” yourself! No! Door to door sales is not about getting rejected nine out of ten times, as a matter of fact, nine out of ten people will actually listen to what you have to say. There are pros and cons to this. The pro is that out of every ten doors you knock on you have a ninety percent chance of someone listening to you. However, even though they may listen to you, they tell you they are not interested. This is where my videos are of a benefit because it outlines how to overcome this obstacle. How you present yourself has a great impact on the end result. You can get to that level where your presentation will be focused and smooth that the customer will want to become a loyal customer and purchase your companies’ product. Making the customer curious, engaging with them by asking questions, being relatable to the customers are all vital in order to close that deal.

Now, sales reps if you fumble during your presentation it is not the end of the world. The customer is not listening to every word you say. You can still pick yourself back up if you make a small error during the presentation. The important part is that you keep confidence and that you learn everything from A-Z when it comes to door knocking. So, I urge you again when the opportunity arises, invest in the MasterD2D.com program. I really respect the number of people that have already invested in the offer and I want to thank you so much! My goal is to reach out to as many door knockers every month as I can to be able to build that community!

Don’t forget to knock with passion! And remember putting forth your maximum potential will end in a desirable result! Until next time! Peace!

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