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Today Your Closing A Sale Selling Door to Door

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with more strategies and tips to ensure you close a sale today. I am pumped and excited to share with you about how to close those deals. Today you are going to close a sale! I am going to tell you how to do that! It is all about the attitude, the mentality to get out there and get that job done!

I care about your success and I encourage you to keep following along and learn how to close those deals. If you want to learn how to close sales selling door to door and reach that level of success then you are in the right place! Remember you are an entrepreneur! So how do you get that sale?! Well, you have to light that fire under that butt of yours! If you are not doing your research and your homework then you will not succeed and get those deals closed. I have made it easier for you as I have provided an outlet of social media support, you can invest in my programs and contact me personally. I put the effort out there to get you the information, now you have to take the time to learn and implement the information and strategies I have given you. If you are serious, then you will take yourself to that next level.

Many of you want me to physically show you how-to knock-on doors and I have done this in the past for a few individuals and they still didn’t acquire the skill set to close deals. Mainly, they go out and weeks later their volume drops again. Why is that? Why does this happen? I hope you listen to this before you go out on turf. I have seen people who have been doing this for ten years and still can’t close a sale after a week. I am telling you that it is all in the mind. Sales is the transfer of energy and emotion. If you tell yourself you don’t know how to close a sale, well that’s what is going to happen to you when you are at the doors. You need to acquire skills and the knowledge to go out and successfully close a sale. Now, imagine you have the mentality that you are going to go and hunt for that sale and on top of it you have the proper education, BAM! That is what you need! You need to invest in my MasterD2D.com program. I am here for you and I am here to build partnerships with door to door sales people who want to close sales at those doors.

Confidence, motivation, inspiration, and perspiration! Yes, you read that correctly! I said “perspiration,” all are found within top sellers. You have to build your confidence. All those negative things that have happened to you, you need to step on and just bash those negative thoughts because they will affect your confidence. It is not going to be easy. Door to door sales is not easy. When life beats you up it is so hard not to think of that or feel that pain. We instead, turn to addictions and other forms of gratification that changes that state of mind for a short period of time. You begin to feel great and wonderful. However, this does not last long. You need to work through the negativity in your life. You need to wake up knowing that you are going to be the best today and yesterday was yesterday but today is today. Surround yourself by people who are supportive and who will show you just how to build self-respect for yourself and vice versa. I can’t tell you how many times I have knocked on a door and a smart ass would come out and try and challenge my character as a person. I cut it off immediately and walked away. Anything that is negative you need to cut it off right away.

I woke up this morning and I have a list of resources that I want to put together for you all to put a kick start towards your career. I have received comments from some of you who have claimed that they have gotten their first sale after using the tips and strategies I had suggested. Of course, I congratulated them and reminded them not to get too cocky and to watch the MasterD2D.com program ten more times and then a thousand more times. The reason is that you will be able to go back and see what it is that you possibly missed that can be used in increasing more sales at the doors. It’s exciting closing those deals! Your adrenalin should be rising in anticipation to close those deals.

Me: “Hello Sir, are you the homeowner? Many of your neighbors have been complaining of the speed bumps in your neighborhood. Have you had issues with them as well?

Customer: “Yes, people keep speeding”

Me: “Also, quick question have you seen those alarm signs?”

What I did there was build curiosity by asking those questions. I was engaging with the customer and building curiosity. Also, by doing this I did not sound like the typical salesperson. You need to use a hundred percent of your potential. You need to prepare for your day and take what your learning and implement it while on turf. I am teaching you this because this is what works. I have been to so many manager meetings where people try and talk in a persuasive manner and tell you that you should be calm and mellow when going out there. I am telling you any top-level executive salesperson will tell you it takes getting excited to get out there! You need to get excited about your product and yes you do have to control the excitement to a certain extent and when you do, BAM! You will close that deal.

Now, when you guide the customer through the sale, all the way to that end result, that’s how you close that sale. I also want you to think about this generation and how different it is from other generations. Once you see the difference, then you can see what works and implement those strategies at the door. You need to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Do not be one of those sales reps that go out all night and party and eventually fade out of the profession because they made poor choices. I want you to make this profession last for a long period of time. I want it to last for you and for you to progress in the profession. Meaning, I don’t want you to knock on doors for the rest of your life but I want you to learn from the profession and then decide what you want to do long term with your life.

So, if you are just starting door to door sales and are wondering where it ends, you will figure that out when it comes to that time. In the meantime, worry about closing the sale. Learn your opening pitch, learn what features and benefits are, don’t allow people to be rude and take advantage of you because of your profession. This is extremely important! You are not a doormat! You are a human begin and in no manner should you be treated any less than that. Never apologize to people who demean you and disrespect you for doing your job! You need to grow a thicker skin in this profession to be able to handle the rebuttals and situations that arise. When you grow that thick skin, you will be able to overcome all hurdles and succeed in closing those sales. If you want to be successful, you must stick with it! Door to door knocking is for educated people who understand the profession and life in general. The profession gets a bad rapport because of the people that get hired. I have hired people who know what the door to door sales profession requires and have trained them thoroughly. I don’t hire just anyone.

That being said, I need you to focus your energy on going out there and closing that sale. Make sure you are eating clean and that you are working out in the morning. You must not forget that sleep is very important! I love you guys! Stick with me and take your business to that next level!

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