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Why People Aren’t Allowing a Veteran Door Knocker to Do Their Presentation

What’s going on everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with another post for all of you! Today I want to discuss Mr. Doug’s comment that he had put in the member’s area of the door to door mastery program. Mr. Doug said, “hey, I have been knocking for quite some time and I am still having issues with people telling me not interested or not allowing me to get from outside of the house to inside the house, or to where ever it is that you are supposed to be doing your presentation. Paul, what’s going on?”

Well first off Doug, thank you so much for being a door to door mastery member! Also, thank you so much for reaching out to me on LinkedIn! This is exactly what I am looking for! I am searching for individuals who dig deep to find the answers they need to succeed. This is how you get better guys and gals! It is not about waking up one morning and having this perception that you’re going to instantly go to work and make a ton of money and that you’re going to be closing more deals! This is not how you are going to become better! You are going to have to personally develop yourself and acquire skills. Those skills will then turn into momentum and with the momentum you can then keep that drive, that momentum alive! You can then turn that not interested to interested! The customer will then allow you to go from outside to inside the home to complete your presentation.

So, let’s dig deep and look into what going on Doug! You have been working for quite some time, knocking for quite some time and you are not getting inside the house. This aligns towards what I have recently created. I have learned over the course of the years that many people in this profession are lacking the fundamental skills needed in door to door sales. I mean to be in door to door sales you need courage, confidence when speaking, you need specific skills that will guarantee you those sales. I can guarantee you that the top salespeople are super confident when going out there! They are confident in their work, their product, their service and in what they do. This is when people do not refuse the offer. This is the reality, you are going to go out there and knock on the door and someone is going to tell you “not interested.” What you need to do Doug is to refresh yourself with all of those little details in MasterD2D.com program. You must watch the modules over and over again because in those modules I cover why you are not getting interested to start.

You see there are two main reasons, one being is that they have no freakin’ clue as to what you are doing! They sense you are a typical sales person and you just become a nuisance to them. You have to be loud and confident at the door! “Hello, Mr. Prospect are you the homeowner?” This is where the customer thinks you are a salesperson. They begin to question you and begin to think that they can look up and get the product on their own time. How do you overcome this? How do we overcome the not interested? We have to understand why they are thinking this! I teach this in the door to door mastery members area, I teach you how to get over these scenarios that arise on the job. I am going to push you to watch the modules again because I want you to get those results! I am not going to be able to uncover everything you need to know in this blog posts but you can easily access them in the MasterD2D.com program.

Secondly, customers question the cost of the product and this is, even more, deterring when they hear the cost and view you as a typical salesperson. People have this fixed belief that they do not want to do business with a “typical salesperson” because of the stigma that has formed around the title, that is why it is important that you not act or sound like a typical sales person. Now, I formed Shakuri University to train individuals the fundamental skills when it comes to sales. However, I do not feel that you need this new program Doug because you already know the basic sales skills, you have been knocking quite sometime. I am not trying to sell everything I create, however, if you are looking to increase and build those skills then you might want to invest in Shakuri University. You are going to learn from me and others as well. What you need to do Dough is watch those modules and go through and figure out why they don’t want to listen to you and allow you into the house! Once you figure out why you can then find a resolution to the problem. You will be able to form that opener pitch and get them to listen to you, to introduce the benefits and features, and then you will be able to close that deal. Doug, thank you so much for reaching out!

To everyone else who is following along, Shakuri University is offered to you as well if you want to get yourself ahead and take action of the game. I hope to hear that you joined today! From the bottom of my heart thank you all for watching, have a blessed day and week! 2019 is here and it is here to stay! Remember developing yourself is the beginning, the key to becoming a closing machine! Peace!

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