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Test Drive Door to Door Sales, See How That Goes

Paul Shakuri here and I love you all for taking the time out of your day to read this blog and to invest time in learning the tools and strategies to excel in door to door sales. We are going to touch base on test driving door to door sales and how you cannot test drive door to door sales. So, if you are a manager or an owner you are going to want to listen up! I have the answers on how to succeed in door to door sales from years of experience, close to nine years of hardcore knocking. I don’t mean just going out there and knocking, I mean hardcore knocking. Through these years I was able to take what I learned and now as an entrepreneur, I own a few businesses and am always in the middle of new projects. If you have a couple hundred …

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Does Door To Door Sales Work?

I love getting this question because making sense of it really helps my door knocking students really build the confidence they need in order to close more sales selling door to door. I want you to stop and think about “ANY” product or service you desire. Next i want you to think about whether or not there is someone out there in the world who is interested, has bought or has thought about that item. Chances are there is a demand for it however how high? How high of a demand is there for what you have to offer. So to make it simple these are the two subjects i will be talking about in todays lesson: The Demand For What You Are Selling Your Presentation When talking about the demand for products and services some have a higher demand than others. No matter what you are selling there are …

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