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Does Door To Door Sales Work?

I love getting this question because making sense of it really helps my door knocking students really build the confidence they need in order to close more sales selling door to door. I want you to stop and think about “ANY” product or service you desire. Next i want you to think about whether or not there is someone out there in the world who is interested, has bought or has thought about that item. Chances are there is a demand for it however how high? How high of a demand is there for what you have to offer. So to make it simple these are the two subjects i will be talking about in todays lesson:

  1. The Demand For What You Are Selling
  2. Your Presentation

When talking about the demand for products and services some have a higher demand than others. No matter what you are selling there are people out there that want what you have to offer, so long as everything that i teach lines up. Top sales people these days sell products and services that are in demand and love what they sell. If your product or service has a smaller market demand you have to think about your volume to commission ratio. Sure you will close sales but because the demand is lower than other products or services you typically need to get higher commissions. Think about solar sales years ago ! Back when there was no lease option and everyone had to pay $30,000+ to get a unit installed, how high was the demand? not high at all however the payout on selling one of these units was large !

Often times i get sales reps who ask me to take a look at what they have to offer and tell me if there is a demand. Look whats trending. Look what has evolved as time has passed such as home security/ home automation. Many companies are stuck selling home security only and not really getting into the home automation ! Companies that didn’t adapt to the change have seen their sales decrease as higher expectations from the products output has to be met.

Business owners, know that selling door to door is a sure way to make money, increase ROI and Monthly recurring revenue. It is important to know and own this as eliminating whether or not door to door sales works or is for you is what you have to get out of your mind. Instead start thinking about HOW ! How will i grow my companies profits by adding to my door to door sales funnel. Never restrict yourself to sole door to door, however diversify your companies sales channel by adding marketing mediums such as

  • Internet Marketing
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Networking
  • Telemarketing
  • Tv/ Radio Ads
  • Word Of Mouth

These are 5 complete ways that can generate a ton of revenue for your company. What you need to focus on is HOW ? understand that setting these channels up will take time, money and efforts so grow it slowly if you don’t have the resources to blow through them off the bat. Your going to want to note that hiring the right team to get the job done can be tricky but when done right your company can be unstoppable. Before attempting any marketing medium always make sure you follow the laws. Door to door sales and Telemarketing especially need to meet certain laws ! always make sure to meet the requirements in your jurisdiction before starting any campaign.

Your presentation is key ! How you present yourself means more to me that what you say.


  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Steal

As this is your recipe for disaster. I ask of all business owners and managers that if you catch any of your sales people doing this off the bat or at any point, that you really understand the liability you are setting up for your company. In my personal opinion i would get rid of them right away if anyone did one of the 3. Think about it what good can they do to your brand? If you as the business owner don’t care about your brand, then GOOD LUCK these days trying to build a business. Today more than ever people what to know you and your company! They want to feel you out to make sure you are a legitimate company. All that has really changed is the accessibility to this information with the internet.

People ask me “Paul, does door to door sales work?”

My answer is Yes, what has changed is the way customers access information to judge whether what your selling is real or fake.

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