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The Big Picture When Knocking On Doors

What’s going on door knocking nation!? Paul Shakuri here with another in the car moment! So, I want you to think about these questions! What is the big PICTURE!? Why are you knocking on doors? What are you working towards? What’s your ultimate goal? This videos content contains the secret ingredient to success when knocking door to door.

If you’re just knocking on doors and are doing it just to pay the bills or make a lot of money, then the odds will be stacked against you and this is why;

  • The distractions begin to kick in! All you can do is think about profit! You lose focus on the product, the service and the overall company you are working for. You begin to draw a blank of the focal point of knocking on door to door and that’s where frustration begins to build.
  • Knocking on door to door is nerve wrecking. No one has an idea of who is on the other side of the door or what their first response will be. It can be very challenging, especially if you are new to the profession.

Here is how to eliminate feeling uncomfortable, and the loss of focus. Think about an ultimate goal and stick to it. An overall goal will give you a challenge, yet, it will give you something to aim towards. Something to aim for that is above the standards of just selling door to door to pay the bills. To overcome this hump or obstacle you have to set a goal to rebuild your mind and body. Once you have established an ultimate goal, motivation kicks in and that state mind changes from an underachiever to an overachiever. It changes from a skeptical person to a believer.

I could recall when I wanted to make money selling door to door. My ultimate goal was to purchase goods from out of country from china and sell those imports from china for profit to make money. I wanted to create a six figure income by doing that. When it was difficult out there I kept my ultimate goal in the back of my mind. I would tell myself, “this is my ultimate goal and this is what I want to do”! I pushed myself towards my goal. I was fortunate enough to work with an awesome group of people, we were all motivated to succeed as door knockers. This is where a lot of you lack in success! You just sell, and no one cares about each other. For those trainers out there and co-workers, teamwork and caring is essential to succeed in this particular industry. Help each other by motivating one another, by establishing an ultimate goal either individually or as a group.

  • Understand why you are knocking on doors!
  • Establish a clear vision!
  • Care for others in your company and help motivate them to reach their potential!

At the end of the day you have to have a bigger picture or reason as to why your knocking on doors. Set yourself up for success through knowing and understanding as to why you are going to do it. All those who have succeeded had a clear vision of their goal. Some purchased real estate, some purchased their own house and had it paid off, some invested in a car wash business. Whatever it is you have to think! Think about it and really start understanding what the big picture is, so you can start growing your account. Getting comfortable with sales and building the sales force from underneath will eventually lead to success. Read this post over again, sit down with your team and start figuring out what your sales reps goals are. It’s a process that you have to learn and once you learn it you will achieve success. So hit that subscribe button on My YouTube Channel and start looking for that big PICTURE!

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