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Sure way to help increase your sales selling

What’s happening door to door mastery fans!? Paul Shakuri here again for another in the car moment!

This post is going to be for door knockers and understanding the correlation between knocking on doors and having productivity within your own lives. Productivity can, in fact, affect your knocking on door’s career in a beneficial way. If you’re not being productive, if you’re stagnant in your life, then it’s obvious you are going nowhere. You won’t be able to complete your job or do it long term.

In other words, you can end up hating your life! You can end up miserable and helpless. On top of that, others will be surrounded and affected by your misery. You have to pick yourself up.

This is the first step and the most challenging step of getting yourself out of the slums. You want to move forward! You want to increase sales! I know many of you reading this want me to give you the damn pitch right away, but here is what I have to say, “PRODUCTIVITY.” If you want to learn about how to give the pitch while knocking on doors you can go to this free door to door video training series.

For now, we are focusing on “PRODUCTIVITY.”

  1. How do you move forward? Through productivity!
  2. How do you increase your sales? Through productivity!

Every morning when you wake up, clean your house before your shift! Be productive! It can be as small as vacuuming your house, washing dishes, organizing your mail, taking the dog for a walk, reading a chapter or two in a book. Increase your productivity! Be productive! I found that going to the gym on a day to day basis and giving my all while working out to be challenging, but I pushed myself to do it. Now I am sure many people are like me and want to give back to planet earth and there are millions of ways you can give back. One way I have found to give back and be productive is by writing articles on my blogs.

I write about my journey, my thoughts, my struggles, my ambitions, what I went through. Also, on my door to door mastery program, I enjoy giving the information and the struggles I went through. I love giving back and giving you that content. Once I gave that information away, in my mind I was able to complete the next task. Many of you have much on your mind. Organize your thoughts and write down what’s on your mind. Then complete the activities, chores, work-related activities that are on the list. As a matter of fact, write down on a list every day how you can be productive. It can even be names of businesses you’re going to create. Well, start writing the names on paper. Create a list of different ways you can be productive. For example; in my company, my software company FillQuick, I could write down three, four extra features from people who have told me that’s what they want, so I can then hand it over to my developers.

If you have kids, be productive. Go to the park, or walk with them. Do something that will make you feel better. Start a blog like I did! Keep a journal. Implement this strategy and you will move forward and increase your sales!

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