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Struggles Closing The Sale

“I was so close to getting that dang sale! How is it she was ready to sign and I all of a sudden I lost that sale! How is it? How is it possible to have it and then lose it?” Have you ever been in this situation where you have come so close to making those deals and then it just doesn’t work out at the end? Are you frustrated because you are not closing those deals? Well, today we are going to discuss just how to overcome some of the obstacles that are preventing you from closing those deals. So keep reading along! First off, if you are struggling in closing those sales or you are getting all the way to the end when a customer stops and says “you know what that sounds awesome but do you mind leaving me a business card!” Yes, you know that …

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Door to Door Sales Mind Dump What to Sell D2D and More

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here and ready to answer all of your questions! I am here to give you my two sense, five sense, ten sense, ten dollars, whatever the “F” you want to call it! The first question comes from Geoff Weaver “do you think door to door sales is suited for some products and industries more than others?” Yes, Geoff and for all of you reading this, I do agree that some products, services, and industries are suited for door to door sales more than others. The biggest rule of thumb you want to take away from this, is, who is your potential Avatar? Who is the potential customer you are going to sell to? For example; pest control services can go to the customer’s property, their front yard and backyard! Magazines are another example. Where do they get delivered? They get delivered to homes and businesses. …

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057: Vivint To ADT Selling Alarms

http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepreneuradrenaline/Vivint_To_ADT_Selling_Alarms.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 16:05 — 9.6MB) | Embed Subscribe: RSS Do you sell home security? Then this is a podcast you wont want to miss. A gentlemen went from Vivint to ADT and here is what he had to say. Keep in mind, when switching companies, there is always something you need to know. Let Paul peel back the skin for you and uncover the gem bombs he drops.

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Three main struggles that people typically have as a salesperson

Whats up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with another door to door mastery post.  Today is one of those days where things just don’t work your way. However, I am still going to provide you with content on how to become successful in the selling profession.  I will provide coaching tips and encouragement that will enable you to get motivated on a daily basis. There are three main struggles that people typically have as a salesperson. There all over the place! What I mean by that is do you go out partying after work and just save your money for that drink?  Do you see yourself fighting with your coworkers while getting drunk all the time living in a hotel your company may have set you in?  Ask yourself this, what type of salesperson are you? Who do you want to become? This is fine if you have arrangements with a …

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Sure way to help increase your sales selling

What’s happening door to door mastery fans!? Paul Shakuri here again for another in the car moment! This post is going to be for door knockers and understanding the correlation between knocking on doors and having productivity within your own lives. Productivity can, in fact, affect your knocking on door’s career in a beneficial way. If you’re not being productive, if you’re stagnant in your life, then it’s obvious you are going nowhere. You won’t be able to complete your job or do it long term. In other words, you can end up hating your life! You can end up miserable and helpless. On top of that, others will be surrounded and affected by your misery. You have to pick yourself up. This is the first step and the most challenging step of getting yourself out of the slums. You want to move forward! You want to increase sales! I …

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