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Three main struggles that people typically have as a salesperson

Whats up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with another door to door mastery post.  Today is one of those days where things just don’t work your way. However, I am still going to provide you with content on how to become successful in the selling profession.  I will provide coaching tips and encouragement that will enable you to get motivated on a daily basis. There are three main struggles that people typically have as a salesperson.

  • There all over the place!

What I mean by that is do you go out partying after work and just save your money for that drink?  Do you see yourself fighting with your coworkers while getting drunk all the time living in a hotel your company may have set you in?  Ask yourself this, what type of salesperson are you? Who do you want to become? This is fine if you have arrangements with a company who trusts you to make sales and you do make the sales, but how long will this last?  When you come home do you work or are you drinking and partying with other salespeople? Rate yourself! When I started in sales I was a ten out of ten and nothing less. I knew why I wanted to do sales, the main reason was the money.  The money was and is awesome! Do your own research on the worlds wealthiest people, they all started in sales. Here’s a fun fact, a mass majority of billionaires don’t own their own companies but are sales agents for major companies and corporations.  They understand how to get buyers into their business and get a commission for it. If you’re a sales agent whose watching this and thinks you’re only doing sales to pay the bills well it won’t last. Sale’s is like a sport. You need to peek at a hundred percent every single day.  Your objective is to get into a company that’s going to pay you to get a hundred percent commission but you have to prove yourself in sales! Prove that you can acquire or have the skills to sell. Prove yourself! You have to earn it in sales! It is a me! Me! Me! Generation right now!  You can make demands but you have to be worth something in the sales game in order to demand. You know that partying and drinking will not help you excel in sales.

  • They may choose the wrong people to surround themselves with!

Who are you surrounded with?  The people you surround yourself with on your spare time, or at work, who are they? What are their goals in life?  Who do you surround yourself with!? I surround myself with people who are equal to me or above me in a mindset of course, not financial wealth.  However, you do want people who are smart with their money. I’m not saying to stop having fun with your friends. How much of it do you do? Are you living with your parents and broke?  Can you stop working for the next year and still maintain your lifestyle and still survive? Because if that’s not you then you have decisions to make? Get your mindset in the right place in the right directions.  I was very young when I made the decision to set my mindset straight. We had everything growing up! My parents would invite our friends over, take us out to dinner but that ended when my parents got a divorce and we lost all of that.  I had to and wanted to rebuild what I had lost. My very first job was MacDonald’s. I go out to coffee shops and dinner with my buddies, I meet with high-end clients and we are all on a higher level a higher mindset than the “Joe some’s.”  Are you focused on getting deals closed? Is that your primary focus? What can you do? Once you start surrounding yourself with a mastermind group where you actually communicate and talk on almost a day to day basis and dedicate time for that, then you will better yourself and your future!  

  • They are not clear on their end goal!

Come up with a game plan? Where are you at right now?  Are you ready to get out there and close a million-dollar deal? With the software that I developed,  I have gotten offers in the millions to sell my security company! in the millions! But I refused because now I could go out there and started negotiating on the millions.  My team and I are working 24 hours going on 3 hours of sleep. I have hundreds of companies that are using my software that my company has built and you cannot find bad shit about me.  My main goal for my business is to grow, to spread the word, to build trust and honor my word. Find what it is your selling right now, be it home security, be it solar, and dominate that space.  Be in the eyes of that potential customer. Work other venues, internet marketing, knock on doors, pick up the phone and call your potential customers. Do you want to increase sales? There are at least a hundred different ways you can do it.  Work on developing yourself! In order to take my business to the next level, I had to get your attention. People want to see if you’re actively there. My number one drive is to get people to close and do business right away. Call your customers once a week or as much as you can, not every day necessarily.  I teach all of this in my master d2d.com program. If you’re serious about developing yourself into a big brand, ask yourself what are you doing to develop yourself every day. Driving to turf! Watching my videos until you master knocking on doors! The reality is if you don’t believe you can go out there and write five accounts a day then that’s your first problem.  You have to believe in yourself or you won’t succeed. People will pay if they see the value of what you have to offer. Salespeople struggle because they are not clear on their end goal. I always ask people how is business going? What are you going to be doing here within the next year and year and a half? If you don’t know its fine because it could be difficult but you need to do some soul-searching.  Your spending way too much time at the clubs. My end goal is I want to change and impact the world in a positive way. The reality is once you start making money and have your house paid off, your office paid off, it starts becoming something else. I want to impact the world on empowering people to take action in their lives to bettering their lives both financially, spiritually, to bring out the best in people.  I want to get to the point where my three generations are taken care of, where I can have my own private jet. I want to work for my family to afford it. This is why I get up every single morning.

I feel like I was meant to drive and ultimately deliver and drive people towards a larger scale!  So I ask again what’s your goal?

Thank you! God bless! Love You!

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