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Door To Door Sales Weekend Mastery

Let’s talk about fears!  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Fear of knocking on doors, cold calling, picking up the phone and making that phone call, well, everyone has that fear.  A minute amount of people had said they have never had fears but those people have been doing door to door sales for a long time.  Therefore, they have the skillset to get over their fear and deliver and close those sales. To overcome those fears you’re going to have to push yourself to face those fears and go outside your comfort zone.  For example, if I would have to take a new product and knock on doors my fear level would be two to three. I would think, what is the person going to think of me! And it ends there! This is because I’ve been out of the door knocking business for a long time.

So what level of fears do you have that’s holding you back?  Top professional salespeople have a sense of fear but they don’t really give a crap at the end of the day.  If you have fears of knocking on doors you are not alone. Write down on a piece of paper what you fear the most and what’s the worst that could happen!  For example, you may waste the day or what I like to say an hour because most of you go home after an hour of rejection. In my eyes, if you claim you’re an entrepreneur or a salesperson and go home after an hour of knocking than I would label you a coward and if you’re not a salesperson and you go out there and knock on the door and go home, you’re not a coward because you’re not saying your going to become a badass sales guy!

What you need to do is get those deals closed! Yeah, it’s scary to go out there the entire day and not make a deal and go home to your spouse and family.  It could be frustrating. If this continues ask yourself what did you do to increase your skill set. Did you review my door knocking program? Did you write down the worst case scenario!  I’ll give them to you! There’s three of them!

  1. Waste time!
  2. Waste gas getting to turf!
  3. You risk the humility!

My biggest challenge with door to door sales was accepting that when I went out there and when I knocked on those doors an awkward feeling began to arise, a feeling that is uncomfortable starts to build up inside of you.  This feeling disappears over time. Did I want to quit? Yes! What kept me in the game? I thought would I want to fear someone who I will never see again? I’m not here to bash you I’m here to help you thrive. Get yourself motivated to knock on that next door!  You want to face your fear and become a badass salesperson, who doesn’t lie, cheat or steal from their potential customers. The good salespeople don’t trick people. I don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do that! But what you have to do is show the potential customer that doing business with you is the only business you want to do because they want what you have to offer.

I started knocking on that first door with a vision in mind.  It was if I learn how to master the art of door to door sales then I would be able to go and do anything.  I am honored and blessed to say that I am in a successful company that I founded with my team. I couldn’t have done it without my team.  We have hundreds and hundreds of clients. Now I am adding active knockers which are in the beta testing mode which is out right now. I feel great about what I did in the past and what I do now.  I have massive companies call upon me to give them information about the knowledge I have in this profession. If you want answers, dig deep! Use those resources that are in front of you. I showed up to a company’s workshop and they thought I was there for free pizza.  I wasn’t there for the pizza! I was there to develop the knowledge. I sat through the workshop and listened and acquired skills. How many of you watch my videos? How many of you use my resources that are offered out there? I can’t help everyone out but who I can help are those who actually want to succeed in this!  I’m here to deliver the message out there! I am looking to get to that next level and I hope you are too! Here is a little example of something you would find in my door to door mastery program. Say I owned a flower shop and I wanted more business but people were not coming in. I would go door to door and say… “how’s it going I don’t know if you’ve heard of Paul’s floral shop, have you seen the sign?  I just wanted to let you know…” Even if you don’t know how to pitch them you’re going to learn how to engage with your potential customers more. Again this is what I teach in my door to door mastery program.

I’ll tell you now if I didn’t do door to door sales in the past I would be S, H, I, T-ing myself. That’s right shitting myself right now! So remember everyone has fear! Even I do but learn how to face them and find that resource’s that could help you overcome those fears!

Thank you very much!

God bless and have a killer rest of your day!

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